Set Up Bing Ads for Lead Reporting

In order to receive lead attribution for specific campaigns or cost per lead data for your Bing Ads integration, you'll need to add a tracking template to your campaigns that will track the visitor journey for your ads in Bing.

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Add a tracking template to your Bing Ads campaigns. 

Getting Started

You'll need an active Bing Ads integration for each company where you'd like to see lead reporting by campaign or multi-touch cost per lead reporting.

Use this help article to activate your Bing Ads integration.
Read more about the Multi-Touch Cost per Lead report

Automatically Add Campaign Tracking Templates in Bing Ads 

1. Click Settings at the top of the page. 

2. Choose the Bing Ads integration. 

3. Turn on automated tracking templates to automatically add tracking parameters to your Bing Ads. We'll pull tracking parameters values directly from Bing Ads for your: 
utm_term=Campaign=CampaignId=AdGroup=AdGroupId=AdId=, or Network=


Any other custom parameters not associated with those values will not be affected. Tracking templates are required for receiving CPL reporting. 

Manually Add Campaign Tracking Template in Bing Ads

Use these instructions to add a cost per lead tracking template to your Bing Ads campaigns.

  1. Login to the Bing Ads account you'd like to connect with CPL reporting and select Campaigns at the top of the page.

  2. Click Shared Library and then select View URL options under the section "Account level options."

  3. In the Tracking template field, you can add the cost per lead tracking template below to an existing template you've already created or use only the cost per lead tracking template if you have no existing templates in place.


  4. If you do not have any existing tracking templates, copy and paste this tracking template:


  5. If you're adding the cost per lead tracking template to an existing template you've created to track other parameters, copy and paste this template at the end of any existing templates:


  6. Important Note: The cost per lead tracking template shown above applies at the campaign-level of your Bing Ads account, which will apply it globally to all of your ads. However, lower-level ad levels (such as ad groups or individual ads) tracking templates will have precedence over your global, campaign-level tracking parameters and interfere with cost per lead reporting. If you have tracking parameters for ad groups or individual ads, make sure to add this template at the end of those existing templates: 


Important Notes on Tracking Precedence 

Cost per lead tracking templates will not work if you've specified different parameters than our template for the following: utm-term, identifiers, Campaign, CampaignID, AdGroup, AdGroupId, AdID, or Network.

For example if you've built a URL like this:

You'll need to use one of these tracking templates instead in order to receive cost per lead reporting for Bing Ads:


or (to append): 


These parameters will allow us to get the URL tracking values straight from Bing Ads and correctly attribute at each ad level for CPL reporting.

Read more about Bing Ads tracking templates in this Microsoft support article.