Enable the Contact Widget (Beta)

This feature is currently being beta tested. Please bear with us during the construction phase. We have lots of exciting enhancements coming!
CallRail’s Contact Widget makes it easy to surface tracking numbers on your website. Enable your customers to get in touch with you by always showing a number from your keyword pool, no matter what page of your website they visit.
Use this article to learn how to:
  • Enable CallRail's contact widget on your website.

Getting Started

In order to use the Contact Widget, you must install CallRail's JavaScript snippet (also called DNI or swap code) and have an active keyword pool.

Enabling the Contact Widget 

Each company in your account has its own unique JavaScript code for dynamic number insertion. If you have multiple companies in your CallRail account, you’ll have a different code for each.

  1. Click Settings at the top of the page.


  2. Choose the company whose JavaScript code you’d like to install.


  3. Select All Integrations from the Integrations section in the left menu.


  4. Choose JavaScript Snippet from the list of available integrations.


  5. Scroll to the section titled Contact Widget. 


  6. Use the dropdown to select a Fallback Number. This is a permanent contact number for your business that will only be displayed to visitors that you have chosen to exclude from tracking and visitors whose browser settings prevent them from seeing a keyword pool number. All other visitors will see a tracking number from your keyword pool.


  7. Switch the toggle to the on position to enable the Contact Widget. 


Disabling the Contact Widget 

To disable the Contact Widget, return the toggle to the off position. 



How will I know that I've successfully enabled or disabled the widget?
You will receive a confirmation banner when the widget has been successfully enabled or disabled. 

How can I test if my number is swapping successfully?
You can use our auto-test feature to see live swap examples of your tracking numbers swapped on your page or manually test dynamic number insertion

Can I use the widget if I don't have a keyword pool?
At this time, the widget cannot be used with source trackers. To begin using the widget, you must first set up a keyword pool.

Why do I need a Fallback Number?
Most users will see a tracking number from your keyword pool displayed on the widget, but the Fallback Number ensures that your visitors will be able to contact you in cases when a tracking number can't or shouldn't be displayed. Your Fallback Number will be displayed if you're only tracking users who find your website from specific sources and for visitors whose browser settings prevent them from seeing a keyword pool number.  

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