Form Submission Alerts

With CallRail's Form Tracking tool, you can receive alerts when a potential lead has submitted a form on your website. Each time a customer fills out a form, we’ll capture the contents of that form and instantly alert you by phone call, text message, or email.

Getting Started

You can choose to receive an email alert when someone submits a form on your website. This email includes all of the contents of the form and a link to call your form lead back.

If you choose to call a customer back, this call will appear on your call log as an outbound call and will be billed accordingly.

Create Form Submission Alerts 

    1. Select Analytics from the navigation bar on the left.

    2. Click Settings at the top of the page.

    3. Choose the company where you'd like to receive form alerts.

    4. Select Form Alerts on the left side of the page.

    5. To add an email alert for a user, click + Add Alert in the first box on the page, and select the user in your account who should receive an email alert when a form is submitted on your website.


    6. To receive a phone call alert or a text message when a form is submitted on your website, click the checkbox for phone call and/or text message alerts in the Phone and Text Notifications (US and Canada Only) section of this page. Enter the telephone number where we can send an alert. This phone number should be a number you own outside of CallRail and not a CallRail tracking number.


    7. When configuring a phone or text alert, you can choose which telephone number a customer should see on their caller ID when you return their call. 

      - Select The same number as above to show your personal number to the customer.
      - Select a Tracking Number that you’d like to show on the customer’s caller ID.
      - Select a specific Outbound Caller ID that you’ve verified to show on the caller ID. 

You can also opt to record your outbound call by checking the box next to Record this call. Please note that some jurisdictions require you to inform recipients that they are being recorded.

  1. Add your company’s business hours to set specific times when you’d like to receive call and/or text message alerts.

    - Select the Any Day drop-down menu, and click the timeframe when you’d like to receive alerts.
    - Select the All Day drop-down menu, and choose to receive alerts all day, or between specific hours.
    - Click + Add Time to add additional days that you’d like to receive alerts if necessary.

  2. Click Save to update your form alert settings.

Troubleshooting Form Notifications

If you are not receiving text or email notifications for new form submissions:

  1. Select Analytics from the navigation bar on the left.

  2. Click Settings at the top of the page. 

  3. Select Form Alerts in the Notifications menu on the left.

  4. Verify that a notification has been set up for the correct email. You can only add emails for users on your account. 

    Read this help article for instructions on how to add users

  5. Verify that a notification has been set up for the correct phone number.

  6. Verify that the form was submitted during the notification window that has been configured in the form submissions page.

Troubleshooting Incomplete Phone Numbers

When you receive a form that contains a customer’s phone number, we’ll call you on the number in the “Phone Call” alerts field to notify you that a form was submitted. If the customer has provided a number, we'll also ask if you would like to call the number they provided in their form submission. If you press 1 to connect, our system will call the customer's number they provided.

There are two main cases where our system might not recognize a phone number in a form submission:

  1. If the phone number field on the form is broken into three fields (area code, prefix, suffix), we will not recognize that these fields go together to form a phone number. Ensure that your forms only use one field for the full phone number and be sure that it has a “name” attribute that is called “phone” such as `<input class=”element” name=”phone”>`.

  2. A valid phone number must be submitted on the form in order for the number/name (which comes from the caller's caller ID) to show up in CallRail and a phone call alert to occur. This is why some submissions come through as "Name: Anonymous" and "Number: (Not Available)."


What kind of telephone numbers can receive form tracking alerts?

We can send form submission alerts to standard North American local and toll-free numbers. We can't send alerts to telephone numbers outside the United States and Canada.