CallRail's Form Builder (Beta)

With form tracking, you can capture and follow up with customers as soon as they submit a form to your website. CallRail's Form Builder allows you and your team to create customized forms to gather important information from your customers.

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Build a form 
  • Share or embed your form on your site

Getting Started

To track forms with CallRail, you'll need to enable form tracking and install dynamic number insertion. Read this help article for more information on getting started with form tracking:

Form Tracking Basics

If you're not yet tracking forms with CallRail, you'll be able to opt-in to our Form Builder Beta. If you are interested in opting-in, click Try for Now.


Building a Form

CallRail's form builder is company-dependent within your account. Use this set of instructions for each company where you'd like to build a form.

  1. Choose the company that you need to create a form for from the drop-down menu on the Forms homepage.


  2. Select Native Forms in the left menu.


  3. Click Create Form when the company has been selected.


  4. Begin editing the form by clicking the pencil icon in a given field. Your edits will appear in real-time in the form preview on the right side of your screen.


  5. Make a certain field mandatory for your customers by clicking Make this a required field


  6. Remove unwanted fields from your form by clicking the trashcan icon on the right side of a given field.


    Or by selecting Delete Field when editing a given field.


  7. You can reposition the order of fields in Form Builder by clicking and holding any section of a given field and moving it to your desired location.


  8. Add more fields to your form by clicking Add Field and selecting additional Field Options to add to your form.


  9. Once you've added and customized each field of your new form, click Save Form. You will instantly be directed to embedding and sharing options for your form. If you click Cancel during the creation of your new form, your edits will not be saved.



Embedding and Sharing Forms

Once your form is completed and saved, you will have the option to either embed or share your new form by using pre-generated HTML for your website, a shortcode for your Wordpress website or a URL link that will direct your customers directly to your form.

  1. To embed your form on your website, select the Embed tab and click Copy to Clipboard. Your form's HTML will be copied and ready to paste into your website's backend.


  2. To embed your form on your Wordpress website, select the Wordpress tab and click Copy to Clipboard. Your form's shortcode will be copied and ready to paste onto your website.


  3. To share your form directly with your customers, select the By URL tab and click Copy to Clipboard. Your form's URL will be copied and ready to share directly with your customers or on other mediums.

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