What is Account Center?

Account Center is your home base for accessing and managing multiple accounts. Designed with our agency customers in mind--and useful for anyone with more than one CallRail account--Account Center brings all of your client accounts into one dashboard and provides easy access to the tools you need to manage them.  

Use this article as:

  • A way to learn about Account Center features and tools
  • A jumping-off point for more advanced use

One Login for All Your Accounts

Rather than juggling multiple accounts with multiple logins, Account Center brings everything together under a single email account, username, and password. From this master login, you can customize your dashboard by adding new or existing accounts to your Account Center. 


How to Access Account Center 

  • To access your Account Center dashboard, click the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the screen and select Switch Account.


  • If you only have one, instead of Switch Account, you'll see Create New Account in the dropdown. Clicking here will allow you to create a second account, after which you can access your dashboard.


  • Once you have multiple accounts, you can access Account Center from the Select an Account screen by clicking Manage Account Access. This screen appears when you first sign in to your master login.


  • Any accounts you add or have access to will show on your Account Center dashboard. Everyone's dashboard will be different depending on which accounts they're associated with.

Account Management Tools

In addition to grouping all your accounts in one place, Account Center provides convenient access to account management tools. These tools allow you to take bulk actions, access billing, and manage users.

  • The Accounts tab provides an overview of your dashboard and allows you to add new or existing accounts to your Account Center.

  • The Billing tab gives you access to invoices and billing information for each account. From here you get an overview of the call tracking features of each account, and can view and change your pricing plan and payment information.

  • The User tab allows you to add, delete, and edit users who have access to accounts in your Account Center.

  • The Invite Admins tab allows you to bring other administrators into your Account Center. You have the ability to further customize by choosing which accounts they have access to.

Customize Every Client

The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when managing multiple clients. Account Center lets you choose the right plans and features for each client.

  • New account options include pricing plans, features and add-ons, billing information, and more.

  • Flexible white labelling further customizes the experience for your clients.

CallRail Community

Once you get acquainted with Account Center, we’d love to hear from you! Stop by the CallRail Community to tell us what you love about Account Center, or let us know how we can make Account Center better. The Community is also a great place to troubleshoot and discuss with other users.