New Call Log Q&A

Welcome to CallRail's new Call Log. These exciting changes will give you greater flexibility to filter and sort your data.

You might have questions about a few features from your old Call Log. To help with the transition, we've highlighted some answers below.

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Where are my familiar column labels?

They’re still available to you. Click the “Customize Insights” button to see the labels that were found in the old Call Log, broken down by call information, contact details, session details, and classification information. Choose however many labels you want to see and click the “Apply” button when ready.

Where are my saved filters?

With the new Call Log, the ability to save your filters has moved to our custom reporting feature instead of on the Call Log itself. Our powerful custom reports allow you to save filters and create separate reports for each of your filter sets for greater visibility into the metrics that matter most to your business. However, any filters you saved on a custom report you've built are still available to you.

Custom reports are available on the Advanced plan or higher. Use our help article to see or change your pricing.

Where is the "Compare To" option?

To further enhance the custom reporting experience, the "Compare To" option isn't available in the new Call Log. Instead, use the Calls by Company or Calls by Number custom reports to view and compare call volume data over time.

To do this, select your desired filter choices within the Calls by Company or Calls by Number custom report and focus on the interval views for hours/days/weeks/months/years, which can be seen after clicking the appropriate drop-down. Save your report to keep your filter choices for later use.


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