Embedding & Sharing Forms

Form Tracking is available on the Marketing Analytics and Analytics Suite pricing bundles. Use our help article to see or change your pricing.

When you create a form using CallRail's Form Builder, you have three options when it comes to sharing or embedding your form. You can embed a form directly to your site, add it to a WordPress site, or generate a URL that hosts your form.

If you haven't created a form yet, read this help article first. Then, return to this article to see how you can embed and share your newly created form.

Embedding a Form

  1. Click Analytics in the navigation bar on the left.

  2. Select Tracking at the top of the page.

  3. Choose Custom Forms in the left menu.

  4. If you're building a new form, click Create Form. The embed options for a form you're creating will be on the last step of the form builder.

    If you need the embed code for an existing form, click the Embed Form (browser) icon on the Custom Forms page.

  5. To embed your form on your website, select the Embed tab and click Copy to Clipboard. Your form's <div> tag will be copied and ready to paste into your website's backend.

  6. To embed your form on your WordPress website, select the WordPress tab and click Copy to Clipboard. Your form's shortcode will be copied and ready to paste onto your website.

  7. To share your form directly with your customers, select the By URL tab and click Copy to Clipboard. Your form's URL will be copied and ready to share directly with your customers.



Do I still need to install the JavaScript snippet if I embed a form on my website?

Yes! The JavaScript snippet is responsible for sending your customer's session and referral data back to CallRail. Without it, you'll still receive the contents of a form that's been filled out, but you won't get any campaign data to tie a submission to a marketing campaign.