CallRail Videos

CallRail offers multiple videos to help you familiarize yourself with various features within the app. Check out the topics below.

Introductory Tutorials

  • CallRail Call and Form Tracking Introduction
  • CallRail 101: A Brief Guide to Get Started
  • Benefits of CallRail's JavaScript Snippet
  • Access and Install CallRail's JavaScript Snippet
  • Testing CallRail's JavaScript Snippet
  • Keyword vs. Source Tracking
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Source Tracking
  • Create Keyword Pools

  • Create Users and Set Up Notifications
  • Forms Overview

  • Porting In

Deep Dives

  • Account Center (Account Actions)

  • Account Center (User Actions)

  • Google Ads Integration
  • Google Ads Tracking Templates
  • Google Analytics Integration

  • Google My Business Integration
  • WordPress Plugin Installation

  • Attribution Models

  • Lead Center

  • Troubleshooting Dynamic Number Insertion

Quick Guides

  • Create Tracking Numbers

  • Create Offline Tracking Numbers

  • Manage Login Information

  • Access CallRail Pricing Plans - Add-Ons & Upgrades

  • Place Outbound Calls

  • Call Recording

  • Tags Overview

  • Save Report as a PDF File

  • Compare Data on Call Log

  • Edit Call Log Column Labels

  • Disable Phone Numbers

  • Activate or Disable Text Messages

  • Create or Edit Companies


  • CallRail Multi-Touch Attribution On-Demand Webinar

  • Discover the Benefits of CallRail's Agency Partner Program

  • CallRail Attribution Reporting Webinar 8-29-19

  • CallRail Account Management Tools Webinar 7-25-19

  • Close the Attribution Gap with New Form Tracking

  • Keyword-Level Tracking Webinar 5-30-19

  • CallRail, Google Analytics, and Google Ads Webinar 4-25-19

  • Getting Started Webinar 3-28-19