Legacy Pricing

Previous pricing plans for CallRail customers included the Starter, Pro, Elite, Forms Lite, and Forms Essentials pricing plans. If you're currently on one of these plans and would like to switch, you can choose one of our current pricing plans on our pricing page:

CallRail's Pricing

If you'd like to speak with someone regarding high volume usage, please reach out to our Customer Success team using the link below.

Contact Customer Success Manager

Upgrading your plan

Use these instructions to upgrade from the Starter plan to the Pro plan. You'll only see these options if you're currently on one of these two plans.

  1. Click the Account icon in the top left, then choose Account Settings.

  2. Choose Billing in the Manage list in the left menu.

  3. Click the link to Change Plan.

  4. Select Upgrade to Lead Center Connect once you've confirmed you'd like to upgrade.

  5. Choose Accept and Upgrade on the pop-up to confirm your upgrade.