SharpSpring Integration

You can build an integration between CallRail and your SharpSpring account that uses your phone calls to create and categorize leads and opportunities in SharpSpring. While CallRail does not have a native integration with SharpSpring, you can build an integration through Zapier that pushes your calls to SharpSpring.

In order to build this integration, you'll need an active Zapier account first. Zapier is a subscription-based service that allows you to integrate software without writing any code. Using Zapier in with CallRail allows you to push your call data to third-party software like SharpSpring.

Learn more about Zapier and their services by visiting their website.

Using Zapier to Integrate with SharpSpring

Connect CallRail to SharpSpring by creating triggers and actions in Zapier:

CallRail and SharpSpring Integration Options