Pause an Account

You can pause your CallRail account if you'd like to temporarily suspend your account without losing your tracking phone numbers. We can retain up to 50 tracking phone numbers for you for up to six months when your account is paused. While your account is paused, we'll invoice the credit card number on file $5 per month to keep your tracking phone numbers. Once you resume your account, we'll automatically reactivate your tracking numbers, call routing, and dynamic number insertion. 

What happens to my settings when I pause my account?

Any administrator on your account is able to temporarily pause your account. Once your account is paused, the following happens:

  1. We'll keep up to 50 of your tracking phone numbers until you resume your account for up to 6 months. If you have more than 50 tracking numbers, disable the ones you won't need first before you pause.

  2. The current credit card number on your account will be invoiced $5 per month on your regular monthly billing date. 

  3. We'll disable your JavaScript code for dynamic number insertion, so you won't have to make any changes to your website to prevent your phone number from swapping.

  4. Your access to your Activity dashboard and reports will be suspended until you resume your account. All of your historic data will be there once you return.

Before You Go!

If you have a specific problem or question we can help with, we’d love the opportunity to help. Please contact our support team-- we’d be happy to help resolve any outstanding concerns you may have.

Pause Your CallRail Account 

  1. Click the Account icon in the top left, then select Account Settings in the My Account panel. This will take you to your account's Billing page.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Billing page and click the link that says I'd like to cancel my account.

  3. Click the link in the blue banner at the top of the page to pause your account.
  4. Read the terms and conditions for pausing an account and click the button at the bottom of the page once you're ready to put your account on pause. 



How can I reinstate an account I paused?

You can resume your CallRail service by logging into your account with the username and password you used prior to pausing your account. You can find specific instructions here:

Resume a Paused Account

What happens if I don't resume my account within 6 months?

If you don't close your account before six months have passed, we'll re-open and reactivate your account for you.

Can I close my account?

Yes. Closing your account permanently releases all your tracking numbers; however, you can create new numbers if you decide to return in the future. You'll also be able to access historical data associated with your account once you re-enter your credit card number. Use this help article to see how to close your account:

Close My Account