Lead Center Overview

This article is about the new version of Lead Center. For information about our original Lead Center offering, check out these support articles

Lead Center is a lead management and communication system designed to help marketers and small business owners capture, manage, and engage with their leads, all in one place. Lead Center works in sync with your CallRail account to enhance your marketing attribution analysis.

How to Access Lead Center

  1. Sign in to your CallRail account.

  2. Click on the Lead Center icon in the navigation bar on the side left of your screen. It's the one that looks like a telephone. The icon looks like a telephone headset next to a message box.

  3. If you have Lead Center access for more than one company in your account, choose the correct company from the dropdown menu.

  4. Give Lead Center permission to use your microphone.

Using Lead Center

Lead Center is designed for teams of agents to handle inbound and outbound interactions related to their businesses. The interface is broken into four areas.


The Inbox

The inbox is in the panel on the left-hand side. It contains a running list of people who are currently or were recently in contact with your business via phone calls or text messages. The inbox is divided into three sections: Incoming, Active, and Recent. 

- Incoming includes interactions that are currently inbound and are waiting to be accepted or answered by an agent.  

- Active includes interactions that an agent is currently handling.

- Recents are interactions that have concluded. 


The Interaction Panel

The interaction panel is where the action happens. The telephone dialer and texting interface live here. It also displays information about your leads. When you answer a call, information about the caller populates the box. When you click on a lead from your Recents list, you see information about their most recent interactions. The interaction panel is also where you can access the interaction history of your leads, which includes a list of every time that person was in contact with your business. 

Interaction panel displaying the telephone dialer:


Interaction panel displaying a lead's interaction timeline:


Interaction panel displaying call information during an active call:


The Contact Details

The contact details in the top right of the screen contains basic information about whichever lead you have selected at the time. It matches up with the name and phone number as recorded in other areas of CallRail, such as the Call Log and reporting tools. You can edit the contact details at any time.


The Classification Panel

The classification panel can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen whenever you are actively handling an interaction or when you select a lead from your Recents list. This panel allows you to mark a lead as qualified or unqualified based on whether or not that lead is a viable prospect. You can also add tags to an interaction, assign a monetary value, and include notes. The notes save automatically as you type. The information you record in the classification panel is transferred to your main CallRail account to support your reporting and analysis.



Can I make international calls with the new Lead Center?

No, the new Lead Center experience only supports calls made to North American telephone numbers (local and toll-free).