Sending and Accepting Text Messages in Lead Center

This article is about the new version of Lead Center. For information about our original Lead Center offering, check out these support articles

One of Lead Center's primary functions is serving as a telephone system with which agents can place and answer phone calls and text messages over the internet using their computer. The following article includes instructions for placing outbound texts and responding to inbound texts using Lead Center on a desktop computer. (A Lead Center mobile app will be available soon.)

Getting Started with Lead Center

  1. To place and answer texts, you must be added as an agent in Lead Center by an account administrator. You must also be added to a Lead Center call flow, either individually or as part of a team.

  2. Create a call flow that routes texts to Lead Center, and edit your tracking numbers to be part of the relevant Lead Center call flows. 

  3. You can access Lead Center through your web browser by signing in to your CallRail account and clicking the Lead Center icon in the navigation bar on the left side of your screen. The icon looks like a telephone.

How to Send Text Messages

Placing Texts from the Middle Panel

The texting interface and phone dialer are both located in the large panel in the middle of the screen. You can toggle between the two by clicking the icons in the top right. 


The middle panel also houses other elements of Lead Center. When you take certain actions, such as answering an incoming call, selecting an old interaction from your Recents list, or viewing the interaction timeline of one of your leads, details relevant to those actions will display in the middle panel, instead of the dialer.

However, you can always access the dialer or texting interface at any time by clicking one of the icons at the top of the middle panel. 

When you sign in to Lead Center, the telephone dialer is visible in the middle panel by default. 

  1. To place a text message, click the text message icon at the top of the middle panel.
  2. Enter the phone number of the person you want to text in the To: box.
  3. Type your message in the Message box
  4. Choose a tracking number from the dropdown menu. This number will show on the recipients phone as the sender of the text. 
  5. Click the Send Text button.

Texts can also be placed from the middle panel when a lead is selected from the Recents list.

  1. Select the lead from the Recents list.
  2. Click the text icon in the top right corner of the middle panel. This will open the texting interface and auto-populate it with the phone number of the lead.

  3. Type your message in the Message box.
  4. Choose a tracking number to serve as you outbound caller ID from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click Send Text.

How to View and Accept Incoming Texts

When someone sends a text to one of your tracking numbers and gets routed to Lead Center, the text will appear in the Incoming section of the inbox. All of the agents who are active and associated with the call flow will see the lead.

Since the person sending the text message isn't waiting on the line like they would if they were calling, a text message will stay in the Incoming section of the inbox until someone accepts it and begins the conversation. Texts will time out and switch to the Recents section after 12 hours. 

  1. Click the Respond button under the text in the inbox to start the text conversation.


  2. The texting interface will appear at the bottom of the middle panel, underneath caller id and attribution information. Use the box at the bottom to input your message and click Send.

  3. Like with phone calls, you can click on the name of the lead to populate the middle panel to view the message and the lead's information before choosing to accept the text. Then you can accept the text using the Respond button in the inbox or the text icon in the top left of the middle panel.

Sending Texts Using Quick Actions from the Inbox

Quick Actions allows you to quickly place a call to a lead that is in the Recents list in your inbox. The inbox is in the left panel.

  1. Scroll to the lead you want to call in the Recents section and click on the icon next to the lead.

  2. Click the Plus button to show Quick Actions.


  3. Click the text message icon to auto-populate the dialer with the lead's phone number.

  4. Choose a tracking number from the dropdown menu to serve as outbound caller ID.

  5. Click Send Text.

Closing a Text Message 

Once you have sent a response, if you are not actively texting with the lead, you can hang up the text.

  1. Click the Close text icon at the top right of the middle panel.
  2. This will transfer the interaction into the Recents section. Leaving a text conversation is inactive for 30 minutes will also close the conversation and transfer it into Recents.