Multimedia Text Messaging in Lead Center (MMS)

This article is about the new version of Lead Center. For information about our original Lead Center offering, check out these support articles

With MMS texting, you can send files, like images, via text.

• For outbound texts, the file size limit is 5MB. For inbound texts from customers, file size limits are determined by the user's service carrier.

• Lead Center agents can send common image files to customers via outbound text.

• Customers can send common image, audio, and video files to Lead Center agents via inbound text.

How to Send an MMS Text

  1. Open the texting interface. (You can do this by clicking the text message icon in the top right of the interaction panel, using the quick actions buttons in the inbox, selecting a text message from the Recent interactions section in the inbox, or accessing a text message from a customer's interaction history.)

  2. Click the Attach a file icon.


  3. Select a file from your device.

  4. Type a message in the message box if you like, then click Send.

How to Download a File from an MMS message to your Computer

  1. Open the text conversation with the file you want to download.

  2. Hover you mouse over the preview of the file.

  3. Click the download icon.