Lead Center Mobile App Overview

To support today’s flexible teams, the Lead Center mobile app allows agents to handle business communications at the office or on the go. The app is available for both Android and iOS, can be installed on smartphones and tablets, and any Lead Center agent can use it.

Currently, the app can be used to take and make phone calls from your tracking numbers using your mobile device. You can also text your customers, monitor and transfer calls, and classify your interactions. 

How to install the Lead Center mobile app

  1. Access the App Store app using your iOS device or the Google Play app using your Android device.

  2. Search for "Lead Center." Click Install

  3. You can also access this article from your mobile device and click the links below.

    Lead Center for iOS (for Apple devices)

    Lead Center for Android (for non-Apple devices).

Using the Inbox 

  1. Install the app using Google Play or the App Store, and find the Lead Center icon on your mobile device and tap it.


  2. Enter the email and password you normally use to sign into CallRail and click Sign In.

  3. Lead Center will ask for permission to record audio. It will only record calls if you set up call recording in your CallRail account. Click Allow.

  4. Tap Account to choose the account you want to use from the menu. Do the same for Company. If you only have one account or company, it will be the only option in the menu, but you still have to select it from the menu.

  5. The inbox is divided into three sections, just like the inbox on the desktop version of Lead Center. Use the tabs at the bottom of the screen to switch between Recent, Incoming, and Active sections of the inbox.


  6. To call a lead from your inbox, select their name and click the phone icon on the right. Make sure the outbound caller ID is correct, then tap Place Call.  

  7. To reply by text to a lead from your inbox, select their name and click the message icon on the right. Your text message will be sent from the tracking number they've previously called or texted. To learn more about texting in the mobile app, read this help article.

Switching Companies and Accounts

If you use Lead Center with more than one of your CallRail accounts or companies, you can switch between them. 

  1. Click the three horizontal lines icon in the top left of the inbox.


  2. Use the Account menu to change accounts, and the Company menu to change companies.

Phone calls 

You can accept phone calls, place outbound calls, and transfer calls to other active agents. For step-by-step instructions, visit our in-depth guide on phone calls in the Lead Center mobile app.


Do I need to have the CallRail mobile app if I download the Lead Center mobile app?
No! We recommend using the Lead Center mobile app in place of the CallRail app, as you'll have access to more features and functionality, including the ability to text customers from your phone. Your call recordings won't appear in the mobile app, but they'll be available on your customer's timelines in Lead Center when you log into the app on your desktop.

Can I send or receive an MMS image through the Lead Center mobile app?
If you are an Android user you can now view, send, and receive MMS messages from your Lead Center Mobile App. MMS messaging is not available on iOS. If you receive an MMS image via text in the iOS Lead Center mobile app, you will instead see a message referring you to visit Lead Center on the web to view the image.

Can I use the Lead Center Mobile App internationally?

At this time, the Lead Center mobile app is only available for download in the U.S. and Canada.