Turning on Desktop Notifications

Desktop notifications are alerts that pop up in the top right hand corner of your computer screen when you receive an incoming call, text, or form submission. They help prevent missed calls and serve as a convenient way for Lead Center agents to stay on top of their interactions, even while multitasking.

Desktop notifications display on your computer screen no matter which tab or window you are currently viewing — as long as you have Lead Center open in one of your browser tabs, you'll always see an alert when you receive an incoming interaction.

Turning on Notifications

  1. The first time you access Lead Center with your web browser, when your first call, text, or form submission comes in, you will be prompted to allow Lead Center to send you notifications. Click Allow

  2. To turn on Lead Center desktop notifications manually, access the notifications settings in your browser and add Lead Center to the list of websites that are allowed to send you notifications. If you are prompted to enter Lead Center's URL, use: app.callrail.com 

  3. Use the links below to access instructions for updating notification settings for your browser:

    Internet Explorer 11

System-Level Notifications Settings

If you have tried to turn on desktop notifications by adjusting your browser settings but they are still not working, you may have to adjust your settings at a system level, which applies to your entire computer instead of just your web browser.

For Windows 10 users, you can manage system-level notifications from your Systems menu

For Mac users, you can manage systems-level notifications settings from your Systems Preferences menu. This includes taking your device into or out of Do Not Disturb mode.