Using Source-Level Tracking

Using source-level tracking allows you to use a single, unique tracking phone number for a marketing campaign you want to track. You might have created a number to track calls from a billboard, so you'd use the number specifically for that campaign and forward calls received from the billboard to the personal or business phone number of your choice.

We recommend you use a source tracking number for only one campaign to make sure your reports are accurate. You can create other source tracking numbers for additional campaigns. 

More information about source tracking

Using your source tracking number

You can use your source tracking number wherever you like, but it's best to use it for only one campaign. This will prevent inaccuracies with your reports.

A source tracking number can be used for an online campaign such as tracking Google PPC, Yahoo or Bing PPC, and web referrals. Meanwhile, you can track an offline campaign such as a direct mail initiative, a TV or radio commercial, or a brochure with a source tracking number. You can also track calls from a call extension with this type of tracking number. 


Available Data

When you use a source tracking number, you'll receive the following information about each of your calls:

- The name of the tracking number that received the call.
- The channel or campaign source of the call (this is important if you use our JavaScript snippet)
- The tracking number that received the call
- Date and time of the call
- The caller's caller ID information, including their name and telephone as configured by their carrier.
- City
- Duration of the call
- A visitor timeline that includes inbound and outbound calls associated with a caller