Premium Lead Center Features

Lead Center is CallRail's all-in-one communication platform that brings together all of your leads in a single inbox. By upgrading to a Premium Lead Center plan, the Agents you add to Lead Center will have greater access to tools and features that personalize your customer's experience.

How to Change Your Plan

Follow these instructions to change your Lead Center plan to Premium

Lead Center's Softphone Minutes

Lead Center Premium allows unlimited local softphone minutes. That means that all calls that are routed to your Lead Center softphone or the Lead Center mobile app will be unlimited on your Lead Center plan. This does not change the billing rates for your standard call tracking plan. 

In order to use your Lead Center minutes, you need to make sure that you have created a call flow that routes to Lead Center agents

Advanced Call Monitoring

Call monitoring allows administrators and Agents to join and listen to live calls. When subscribed to a premium Lead Center plan, Agents have two additional types of call monitoring they can use, including:

  1. Whisper monitoring, where you join a live call and talk directly to the Agent. The caller won't hear you.
  2. Barge monitoring, where you can join a live call and talk with both the caller and Agent.

Once your Agents are on the Premium Lead Center plan, you can grant them call monitoring permissions so they can listen to their teammate's calls.

See how to give your agents monitoring permissions and monitor calls

Warm Call Transfers

On the Premium Lead Center plan, Agents can initiate a warm transfer, which allows them to introduce the customer to the Agent who's taking the transferred call. While all Agents in Lead Center can cold transfer a caller to another Agent, you'll have access to this personalized way of transferring calls on the Premium Lead Center plan.

Learn more about cold and warm transfers

Team View

Your Team View is a filterable, organized way to see which of your teams or Agents are online, taking a call, offline, or away. You'll also be able to click on a specific Agent's name to see their most recent activity with the customers contacting your business.

See how to use Team View in Lead Center

Chat Tracking

Available on the Standard Lead Center plan and Premium Lead Center plan, Lead Center's chat tool allows you to track and respond to each chat message sent via your website. Each time a customer sends a chat message, we’ll instantly alert you by desktop message or email. Your chats will be available in Lead Center, right along with your calls, texts, and form submissions for a unified view of all your communications and customers.

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