Transitioning to the new Lead Center

CallRail's new Lead Center is a unified, virtual communications hub that helps you manage and respond to customers in a single click. You can take, make, and transfer calls in place of or alongside your existing phone system, and use our brand new mobile app to stay connected with customers while you're on-the-go. 

Check out our announcement to see these exciting improvements: Meet the new Lead Center

What happens when you switch

When Lead Center switches over to the new experience, there are a few things that happen automatically in your account:

  1. Agents and the call flows they belong to will seamlessly transfer to the new Lead Center
  2. Your calls will route to the new Lead Center without interruption
  3. Any Quick Texts you've previously created will transfer to the new Lead Center
  4. Your previous Lead Center experience is permanently removed
  5. All of your customer's timelines and interactions transfer to your new Lead Center
  6. We'll remove any verified caller IDs from your account
  7. Your account is put on the transition pricing plan outlined in the next section of this article

What's included in your transition plan

If you switch to the new Lead Center experience before we retire the legacy version of Lead Center, your account will automatically be placed on a special transition pricing plan that includes Premium Lead Center features and 500 local softphone minutes per month through June 30, 2021. Here's what else you can expect when you switch:

  1. You'll get premium Lead Center access, including 500 local softphone minutes each month.
  2. Additional softphone minutes beyond the first 500 local minutes are $0.03 per minute. 
  3. Toll-free minutes are $0.045 each.
  4. Multimedia messages (MMS) are $0.06 each. 

Quick start guide

If you're ready to get started with the new Lead Center, you can quickly familiarize yourself by checking out these step-by-step articles:

Or, watch our video tutorial to learn more:

Migrating to the new Lead Center

Once you've migrated to the new Lead Center experience, you'll be taken to your new Agent View. The Agent View is a customer-focused inbox that allows you to take calls, text your customers, follow-up on a form submission, or place an outbound call. 

Notice the familiar left panel that includes all of your incoming, active, and recent interactions. In the former version of Lead Center, your inbox only included calls, and text messages were separated in their own tab. Now, all of your conversations, including calls, texts, and form submissions live in a centralized place, sorted by contact instead of interaction. You can click on a contact to see their interaction history, update their contact name, or enter classification details about their conversation with your team. 

For more information on updating your contact details, classifications, and interactions, read our Lead Center Overview article.

Routing phone calls to Lead Center

Creating a call flow for Lead Center helps you determine where your calls should route when someone reaches out to your business. When you switch to the new Lead Center, we'll transition all of your call flows and Agents automatically, but you can create new call flows and tracking numbers to route to Lead Center as well.

To see how you can personalize your Lead Center call routing to meet the needs of your business, check out these help articles on routing calls to Lead Center.

Managing Agents and Teams

Agents in Lead Center are users in your account with permission to use Lead Center. Each Agent has their own settings that can be adjusted by any administrator, including call monitoring permissions and a personalized, virtual mailbox. To see how you can create and update your Agents, read our help article on Adding Agents to Lead Center.

Once you've set up your Agents, you can add them to a Team for real-time insights on their current status (online, offline, busy) and previous interactions with customers. You can quickly access this information in the Team View section of Lead Center.

To see how to use the Team View, read this help article.

Using Lead Center as an Agent

As a Lead Center Agent, you can answer incoming calls, place outbound calls, and text your customers just as you did before, but now you'll also have enhanced call management tools, including call queues (with hold music), call monitoring, call transfers, and respond to chats. 

To get started as an Agent in Lead Center, you'll just need to grant Lead Center access to your microphone. From there, you can start taking calls, following up on leads, or configure desktop notifications for new, inbound leads. 

For full instructions on using Lead Center as an Agent, read this help article: Lead Center Agent Basics

The new Lead Center mobile app

Our newly designed app for Android and iOS lets you take, place, and transfer calls from your tracking numbers using your mobile device. In addition to managing calls in the Lead Center mobile app, you'll also be able to send and receive texts, review or follow-up with form submissions, and record outbound phone calls automatically. 

See how you can stay connected with your customers from anywhere with our Lead Center Mobile App help article.


Why are my verified caller IDs being removed when I switch?

The new Lead Center experience won't support verified caller IDs, which were set up in the former version of Lead Center. Instead, Lead Center now automatically populates your outbound dialer with the tracking number your customer called (or you can pick from any of your other tracking numbers to use as the outbound caller ID.) Once you switch to the new Lead Center, you won't be able to use a non-tracking number to show as the caller ID.

Can I make international calls with the new Lead Center?

No, the new Lead Center experience only supports calls made to North American telephone numbers (local and toll-free).

Will I have to dial an outside line first before my call connects?

Not anymore! The new Lead Center automatically populates your outbound caller ID with the tracking number your customer calls. You'll also have the option to pick a different tracking number to use as the caller ID when you place an outbound call.

Can I use Lead Center on my mobile device if I don't want to take calls in my internet browser?

Yes! Download the Lead Center mobile app if you'd prefer to take calls and texts on your personal device.

When will I be switched to the new Lead Center?

Administrators on your account will get a notification in CallRail and via email that will provide dates and other guidelines depending on the type of account you have. If you have questions about switching now, use the link at the top of this page to submit a ticket to our support team.