Phone calls in the Lead Center mobile app


To support today’s flexible teams, the Lead Center mobile app allows agents to handle business communications at the office or on the go. The app is available for both Android and iOS, can be installed on smartphones and tablets, and any Lead Center agent can use it.

Answering calls

While you'll need to be logged in and active within the Lead Center mobile app to accept calls, you don't have to be within the app to answer them. Incoming calls will appear in a badge at the top of your screen, or on your lock screen.

Placing outbound calls from the dialer

  1. To place an outbound call or start a new text conversation, click the plus (+) icon in the bottom right corner of the inbox. 


  2. Enter the phone number you would like to call and select the tracking number you would like to use as your caller ID (from the perspective of the person you are calling, it will look like you are calling from this number). 

  3. Tap the check box under the tracking number to record the call. 


  4. Tap the Place Call button.

Transferring calls in the Lead Center mobile app

  1. While you're on a call, tap the Transfer button.


  2. Choose the agent you would like to transfer the call to from the list and tap their name.

  3. You will be disconnected from the customer. They will hear ringing, as they would if they were calling the agent directly. Once the agent answers, the transfer is complete.

  4. If the agent is not online or doesn't pick up, the customer will be sent to the agent's personal voicemail. If your call flow is set up to skip voicemail, the customer will be sent to the next step in the call flow. If you don't have a call flow and the agent doesn't have voicemail set up, the call will be disconnected.


Why don't I see the option to warm transfer to an agent?

The Lead Center mobile app doesn't have warm transfers just yet, but we're looking to have it added in soon!