Updates to Starter and Pro Plans

At CallRail, we’re committed to helping you grow and scale.

We’re continually looking for ways to offer the best service and functionality we can, which is why we launched new Call Tracking plans last year. These new plans include more features and usage, allowing our customers to get the most out of their CallRail account.

We believe all CallRail users can benefit from the additional features and functionality of these new plans, which is why we’ll be sunsetting legacy Starter and Pro plans in the coming months and automatically migrating existing customers to these new plans.

So, how will that impact you?

Beginning in July 2021, we will be sunsetting our legacy Starter and Pro plans. All customers on these existing plans will be moved to our new Call Tracking 500 or Call Tracking 2500 plan on their July invoice date.

Your monthly base cost will be increasing from $30/mo to $45/mo for Starter plans, and either remain at $120/mo for Pro plans, or decreasing from $130/mo to $120/mo for Pro130 plans. This change in price will either bring you additional phone numbers, a decrease in cost for additional usage, or newly added functionality, and access to previously unavailable features that will make the shift worth it. 


Let’s take a closer look at what’s changed for the Starter plan:

Call Tracking 500


 Base cost

$45 $30

 Included numbers

10 10

 Included minutes

500 500
 Additional numbers $3 each $3 each
 Additional minutes $0.05 each $0.05 each
 Toll-free number surcharge $2 each $2 each
 Toll-free minute surcharge $0.03 each $0.03 each

In addition to this, new features under Call Tracking 500 includes our HubSpot integrationLocal Swap for Website Pools, and access to the new Premium Integrations add-on at $65/mo.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s changed for Pro plans:

  Call Tracking 2500


 Base cost

$120 $120 $130

 Included numbers

25 20 20

 Included minutes

2500 2000 2000

 Additional numbers

$2.50 each $2.50 each $2.50 each

 Additional minutes

$0.04 each $0.045 each $0.045 each
 Toll-free number surcharge $2 each $2 each $2 each
 Toll-free minute surcharge $0.015 each $0.016 each $0.016 each

To maintain the same featureset you have today on these plans, you'll also be opted-in automatically to our Premium Integrations add-on for $65/month. If you don't need access to these integrations, you can remove them from your account by following the instructions in the "Updating add-ons" section of this article:

Managing your pricing plans

What else to expect?

The transition to Call Tracking 500 and Call Tracking 2500 will also break out the following features into individual add-ons:

- Advanced Call Flow steps (available for $15 per company per month)

- Lead Center (starting from $30/mo per agent)

- White label (available for $65/mo)

Let’s continue growing together

Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked diligently to improve our core functionality while consistently launching new features, integrations, and products to make CallRail the top-rated call tracking and analytics providers it is today.

Marketers like you deserve tools that make your job easier, and these pricing changes will help. Seeing you succeed helps us succeed. Reach out to our team if you have any questions about your plan.