Handling Chats in Lead Center

Lead Center's chat tool allows you to track and respond to each chat message sent via your website. Each time a customer sends a chat message, we’ll instantly alert you by desktop message or email. Your chats will be available in Lead Center, right along with your calls, texts, and form submissions for a unified view of all your communications and customers.

Chat is available for Agents on the Lead Center plan. Read this article to see how to update your pricing plan.

Getting Started with Chat

  1. In order to have your chat widget show up, you will want to make sure that you set up your Javascript snippet on each page where you would like chat to show for your customers.

  2. To begin receiving chats in Lead Center, you must first build your chat widget. Once you've completed customizing your chat widget, we'll immediately enable chat on your website.

  3. Set up chat notifications for yourself and other Agents in Lead Center to be instantly alerted to your available and missed chat messages

  4. In order to take chats, you will need to set your availability to "online."  This status is visible to all other Agents in Lead Center.

Incoming Chats

New chats will appear in the Incoming section of the inbox, located on the left-hand side of the page. All active Agents will see the chat in their inbox. There are two locations where you can respond to an incoming chat:

  1. The Incoming section of the inbox will show a Respond button when you hover over the chat interaction.

  2. If you select the chat without clicking on "Respond," the chat preview and session information will show in the middle Interaction Panel with the Respond button showing in the lower right-hand corner.


Active Chats

Selecting the Respond button from either location will move the chat from the Incoming section to the Active section of the inbox. The ability to write a reply is now visible at the bottom of the Interaction Panel.


Once you are ready to end your chat, you will find the red End Chat button in the upper right-hand side of the Interaction Panel. When the chat ends, it will move from the Active section into the Recent section.

Recent Chats

Chat conversations in the Recent section are either chats that an Agent or customer has closed, or it is a chat that had been in the Incoming section for more than five minutes and has timed out.

A chat in the Recent section can no longer be re-opened, but if the customer has provided a phone number, an Agent has the option to call or text the customer. There are two locations where you can respond to a recent chat conversation:

  1. Hovering over the chat icon for the interaction in the inbox shows a Quick Actions option. Clicking into the option reveals the Call now and Send text icons.


  2. If you select the chat interaction the chat conversation and session information will show in the middle Interaction Panel. You will see the Compose text and Open dialer icons in the upper right-hand corner.


Classify Your Chats

Classifying transactions in Lead Center means that Agents can qualify, tag, assign a value, or take notes to help organize and analyze chats. You can classify your chat during or after the conversation takes place using the classification panel in the bottom right-hand side of the page.