Setting a Primary Company Number

If you've routed a tracking number to a call flow or Agent within Lead Center, you can also set a primary company number as a backup destination number in case the usual endpoint for the call is unavailable. 

This number is set on a company basis, meaning the number you choose will become the fallback routing destination for all tracking numbers in the chosen company under your main account.

Setting Up a Primary Company Number

  1. Click the Account Icon in the upper-left corner and then Account Settings from the menu that unfolds.

  2. In the options listed on the left of the next page, select All Companies under the Companies section.

  3. Click the gear icon at the right of the row for the company you'd like to set a primary destination number for and choose Edit Company.

  4. Locate the field labeled Primary Phone Number and enter in the phone number you'd like to use for fallback routing, then click Update.