Porting numbers from PhoneWagon to CallRail

This help article is for PhoneWagon and AppSumo customers who are transferring their phone numbers to CallRail. If you're not a PhoneWagon customer, use this help article instead to port your numbers to CallRail.

As part of CallRail's acquisition of PhoneWagon, PhoneWagon customers are eligible to port their call tracking numbers to CallRail. Porting a number to CallRail allows you to transfer a number you own into your new CallRail account. Once the porting process is complete, your number will become a CallRail tracking number that you can use in your campaigns to take calls and collect marketing analytics. 

Porting your phone number into CallRail is free.

Getting Started

A credit card must be added to your account in order to begin the porting process. 

On average, it takes 4-6 weeks from the time we receive your documents to the time your number is ported. Bulk port requests can take up to 6-8 weeks. The amount of time varies depending on the carriers involved. Your number may be transferred at any time during this window. We pre-configure your numbers in your account to ensure there is no downtime when the number is transferred.

Be sure you have a destination number to forward to before you port your number to CallRail. Every number in CallRail needs to forward to an existing number you own outside of CallRail. 

Do not close your existing PhoneWagon account until you have confirmed the port is complete. If you cancel your service before the port is complete, your phone numbers may be released and you may be unable to transfer or recover them.

Once the number is ported into CallRail, standard per-number and per-minute rates apply.

Porting PhoneWagon numbers to CallRail

Each number you port from PhoneWagon to CallRail will be configured as a single, source-tracking number.

To help PhoneWagon customers port their numbers to CallRail, our porting team will be submitting batches of port requests on a weekly basis. Be sure to have your information over to our porting team before the end of the day on Tuesdays to be eligible for that week’s batch of port requests. If you submit your port request after Tuesday in any given week, the porting process for your request will begin on the following Tuesday. 

PhoneWagon’s service will retire on November 5, 2021, so be sure to have your port request submitted prior to this date if you need to retain your tracking numbers from PhoneWagon. You’re also welcome to create new tracking numbers with CallRail at any time.

Use these instructions to submit a port request to our support team: 

  1. Fill out CallRail’s form with the information we’ll need to configure your numbers in your CallRail account. You’ll need the following information to complete the porting form:
    1. Your CallRail Account number
    2. The tracking numbers from your PhoneWagon account you’d like to port to CallRail
    3. A single destination number for each tracking number where we should forward your calls
  2. Submit your port request to our dedicated transition team, who will pre-configure the numbers you'd like to port from PhoneWagon within your new CallRail account. This helps ensure there's no downtime on your numbers while the porting process takes place. 

Next steps once your numbers port to CallRail

Once your numbers have successfully ported to CallRail, a member of our team will email you to confirm your port has completed. At this point, you’re able to close your PhoneWagon account, but we recommend placing a test call to your number to confirm everything is working as expected. Be sure to place your test call from a different number than your destination number.

All numbers will be set up as single, offline source tracking numbers within a single company in your account. You can then update the number’s name, tracking source, greeting, whisper message, and recording settings once your port is complete. Use the instructions in this help article to see how to configure your numbers:

CallRail 101 for PhoneWagon Customers


Can I port my number out of CallRail later?

Absolutely. If you wish to port your number out to another provider, the receiving provider will assist you with initiating the port. Due to processes outside our control, the process typically takes 4-6 weeks. During this time, do not close your CallRail account until you have confirmed that the port has completed successfully.

Which numbers can be ported?

Local and toll-free US and Canadian phone numbers can be ported to accounts that are current, in good standing, and out of the free trial period. 

Who will help port my numbers?

In this case, CallRail's dedicated Migration Support team will help manage the porting process on CallRail's end. No downtime will occur on your numbers while the port is taking place.