Lead Center Pricing Transition FAQ

Here at CallRail, we are committed to continuous improvement and strive to stay on top of customer needs. Our teams regularly collect feedback about our products and the way they are used, and in 2020 we launched an all-new version of Lead Center based on valuable customer input. 

We rebuilt Lead Center from the ground to be a more robust, stable, feature-rich communication solution with numerous enhancements over the original version. What was previously a basic phone and texting add-on is now fully-featured business communication and lead management tool. We’ll focus our continued investment moving forward on the new version, and the legacy version of Lead Center will be discontinued. 

See the differences between legacy Lead Center and our new Lead Center experience by downloading our PDF.

Since January 2021, all accounts with legacy Lead Center have had an extended free trial of our new and improved Lead Center experience through the Lead Center Legacy Transition offer, as outlined on your account’s billing page and recent invoices.

On July 13, 2021, your extended free trial of the new Lead Center will expire. To continue using the new Lead Center experience after July 13, you’ll need to choose one of our new Lead Center plans. The new Lead Center plan you pick won’t impact any of your integrations, settings, or active tracking numbers for Call Tracking with CallRail

In your new Lead Center, you’ll see all of your calls, texts, form submissions, and chats in a single, unified inbox. You’ll be able to take and make calls, manage your Agents and teams, and take Lead Center with you everywhere with our brand new Lead Center mobile app. 

To help you get situated with Lead Center’s pricing plans, we’ve put together this guide to answer frequently asked questions.


What happens if I don’t opt-in to a new Lead Center pricing plan by July 13th, 2021?

We’ll automatically disable Lead Center on your account so it won’t appear on your invoice. When we disable Lead Center, the following things will also happen within your account:

  1. We’ll turn off Agent permissions for any existing Agent in legacy Lead Center.

  2. We’ll remove any Agents and Teams from your call flows and route your calls to your primary company number if you haven’t already updated your tracking numbers to route to a different destination.

    For more information on routing to a primary company number, see this article.
  3. You’ll no longer have legacy Lead Center’s softphone to take calls, though you’ll still be able to return calls from the call log.

  4. The ability to send text messages from your desktop will no longer be available, though you can still text from CallRail's Call Tracking mobile app.

How much will I be paying for Lead Center?

You (or an administrator on your account) will have received emails outlining the pricing for your new Lead Center plan. To see what to expect after July 13, check the email that corresponds with this help doc, or reach out to an administrator on your account.

In general, Lead Center’s pricing is dependent on the number of Agents you’ve added to Lead Center, as well as additional usage for items like softphone minutes, text messages, and multimedia messages. Each available plan has unique features and capabilities that’ll help your Agents communicate with your customers through different channels and with different features.

To adjust the number of Agents you have within Lead Center, use the relevant instructions in this help article to add, configure, or remove Agents:

Managing your Agent Seats in Lead Center

Why can’t I remove Lead Center permissions for a specific Agent?
That person is likely still an Agent in a call flow, and can’t be removed until they’ve been taken out of the call flow. This safeguard is in place to ensure calls still successfully route to your business, even if an Agent is unavailable.

To edit an Agent out of a call flow, find the call flow they’ve been added to, and click the “x” next to their name to remove or replace their spot in your call flow. Here’s how an administrator on your account can edit a call flow:

  1. Sign in to the Analytics section of CallRail, click Tracking at the top of the page, and choose the company whose call flows you’d like to update (if you have more than one company in your account).

  2. Select Call Flows in the left menu.

  3. Click the Edit (pencil) icon to open the call flow you’d like to adjust.

  4. Remove the Agent’s name from the step where they’ve been added.


  5. Click Save at the top of the page to save your changes.

How can I update my tracking numbers and call flows to ring in Lead Center?

Depending on how you’ve set up call routing, you can adjust your call routing use one of these help articles:

  1. Routing a tracking number to an existing Lead Center Agent, Call Flow, or Team
  2. Creating call flows and call queues for Lead Center

How can I sign up for the new Lead Center?

We’ve sent an email to administrators on your account that includes a special link to sign up for Lead Center. You can also add Lead Center to your account by signing up on our website or by adding Lead Center to your account from your billing page

When can I expect my new Lead Center plan to show on my invoice?

If you’re on the Early Access Premium plan, you can continue using Lead Center for free through July 12, 2021. The monthly invoice you receive on your normal billing date after July 13 will include a prorated cost for the Lead Center plan you’ve picked.

Where can I learn more about the new Lead Center experience?

If you're ready to get started with the new Lead Center, you can familiarize yourself by checking out these step-by-step articles:

  1. Lead Center Agent Basics
  2. Routing calls to Lead Center
  3. Managing Agents and Teams
  4. Answering, placing, transferring, and monitoring phone calls
  5. Sending and receiving text messages, including Quick Texts and MMS
  6. Lead Center's new mobile app
  7. Set up desktop notifications for inbound leads
  8. Set up chat for your website