Understanding Call Data Differences in Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you insight into how your visitors interact with your website. CallRail integrates with your existing Google Analytics account by sending your call, text, and form submission data to goals you’ve created in Google Analytics.

Curious about call data differences? This article will explain why call data can look different in CallRail and Google Analytics.

How call data is pushed to Google Analytics

All calls (even if they’re the same caller) will be pushed into Google Analytics as a unique goal. Although all calls will be pushed to Google Analytics, only one goal completion will count per website visitor’s session. For this reason, the total amount of call records captured by CallRail will always be higher than what is reflected in Google Analytics unless otherwise specified.

Unlike goals, transactions in Google Analytics can be counted multiple times in a session, provided each transaction has a unique transaction ID. So if you’re capturing data inside of Google Analytics and pushing it to Google Ads, you may also see a discrepancy between Google Analytics goals and conversions in Google Ads.

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