Resume a Paused Account

If you've temporarily suspended your service with CallRail by pausing your account, you can resume your service by logging into CallRail with your former username and password. Once you resume your service, we'll reactivate the tracking numbers you saved and forward your calls to the destination number saved to that tracking number prior to pausing your account. 

As of October 2020, CallRail has deprecated the ability to pause an account. This article is intended for customers who paused their account while this feature was active prior to October 2020. 

What happens to my settings when I reinstate my account?

Any administrator on your account is able to resume your paused account. Once your account is reactivated, the following happens:

  1. We'll immediately reactivate the tracking numbers saved to your account while it was paused according to the same settings on your account prior to pausing. This includes forwarding calls to the destination number for that tracking phone number.

  2. You'll be placed back on the pricing plan you were on prior to closing your account, including any add-ons.

  3. We'll reactivate your JavaScript code for dynamic number insertion. If you've kept your tracking code on your website while your account was paused, we'll start swapping the numbers on your website again without any updates on your end.

  4. Your access to your Activity Call Log and reports will be restored and all of your historic data will be available for the time period when your account was active.

Resume your CallRail service 

  1. Log in to CallRail with the same username and password you used prior to pausing your account.

  2. You'll be directed to your Account Status page. Click the link to resume your account.

  3. Read and confirm the terms and conditions for resuming your CallRail service, and click the button at the bottom of the page to reactivate your account.
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