Making a transfer outside of Lead Center

You can transfer an active call with a customer to anyone outside of Lead Center. This feature allows you to have a three-way call between a customer, the transferee, and yourself. You can transfer a call with a client to a new number or a number that you’ve saved to your Transfer List. 

Transfer a call to someone outside of Lead Center

  1. On an active call, click the Transfer Call icon on the top of the interaction panel.

  2. Under the search bar, choose External Transfer.

  3. Input the number to which you want to transfer to in the dial pad or the phone number field.

    Note: If the user you’re transferring to is saved to your Transfer List, type their name into the transfer field or select the dropdown to find them.

  4. Select Warm Transfer.

  5. The call in progress will be put on hold and you will hear ringing while you connect to the external number. The notice on the bottom of the screen will reflect both when the transfer begins and when the transferee joins the call. You can join the call if you want to have a three-way call by selecting Unhold.

    Note: If the external transfer call fails or goes to voicemail, you can select the Cancel Transfer option, which will cancel the external transfer while keeping the original call on hold until you unhold the call. You can also click the Transfer Call icon at the top of the interaction panel again to input a new number.


  6. Once the transferee joins the call, you will need to unhold the call to complete the transfer with the active caller. You’ll be brought back to the Active Call screen, where you will see the success message and a notification showing who is on the call.


Adding a number to your transfer list

Once the call with the external number ends, you can add the number to your Transfer List to make the transfer easier next time.

  1. Navigate to the top status bar after the call ends and select Click here.

  2. A pop-up window will appear where you can input a name and save the number to your transfer list.

  3. Next time you transfer a call outside of Lead Center, you can type the name into the field or select the name from the dropdown.
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