Getting Started with Conversation Intelligence

CallRail's suite of Conversation Intelligence features uses your recorded calls for insights on lead quality. Get your calls automatically transcribed with Transcripts and have them scored with CallScore. You can also use Automation Rules to have the most important key terms and phrases highlighted for better campaign management. 


Save valuable time with Transcripts. This feature allows you to read full conversations between your team and customers by transcribing your calls, freeing you from the task of listening to every recorded call. This feature is available in the caller's timeline, and you can move to key moments in the conversation by clicking on the call recording's waveform to read the entire transcript without having to listen to the call. 

You'll receive an email notification with a preview of each call's transcript. You can click the link in the email to be redirected to the caller's timeline, where you can read the full transcript of the call.

Learn more about Transcripts with this help article


Use CallScore to take the time-consuming work out of scoring your calls and to determine which campaigns drive the best calls to your business. This feature classifies your calls as qualified leads depending upon criteria specific to the industry you serve.

With CallScore, we automatically score each incoming call to a company based on machine learning models that have been built, created, and tested for accuracy. Once a call is automatically scored, you can see the caller's score within your activity dashboard, email notifications, and caller timelines.

With this information, you can communicate lead status with the rest of your team to ensure proper follow-ups happen.

Learn more about CallScore with this help article.

Automation Rules

Automation Rules allow you to classify your interactions automatically. You tell us which types of interactions you want to focus on by choosing criteria — call length, which marketing campaign a call is associated with, which words were spoken during the call, and much more — and we’ll qualify, score, tag, or assign a value to the ones that meet your criteria, automatically. Transcripts must be on for Automation Rules to work.

Learn more about Automation Rules.

PII Redaction

PII Redaction removes sensitive items from your call recordings and transcripts, including information related to your customers' billing and personal information. 

Learn more about PII Redaction.


Is Conversation Intelligence  HIPAA compliant?



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