Goals aren't being reported in Universal Analytics

Heads up!

Google has recently upgraded to Google Analytics 4(GA4). We will be sunsetting our Universal Analytics integration in July 2023. Click here to learn how to make the switch to GA4.

Our integration with Universal Analytics gives you insight into how visitors find and interact with your website by sending call data as events to goals you've created. 

If your goals aren't reporting to Universal Analytics, you can use this article to help you troubleshoot, and as always, our Support team is happy to help should you need additional assistance.

Getting started

Before you start troubleshooting, check that your integration shows as active for the company you attempted to connect with Universal Analytics. If it shows as inactive, try to activate the integration again.

Goals not reporting to Universal Analytics

For specific instructions on finding your calls in Universal Analytics, you can use this help article: 

Viewing calls in Universal Analytics.

Goal setup

Check that the goal you have set up in Universal Analytics matches the script on your website. We report calls to Universal Analytics (analytics.js) as an "Event" whose category is "Equals to Phone."

How to set up goals in Universal Analytics.


If you have filters set up in Universal Analytics, they may be filtering out data that CallRail is sending over. If you don't see your CallRail events, create or check in an unfiltered view for subsequent troubleshooting.

Learn more about filters in Universal Analytics.

If you still don't see your calls reporting, check these four items:

  • Ensure you’re looking at the correct Universal Analytics account. (Check that the UA number matches the account you’re looking at.)
  • Check that the Analytics ID in CallRail matches the Analytics ID in the Universal Analytics account you are looking at.
  • Make sure that phone calls have occurred after the Universal Analytics integration was set up.
  • Double-check that the correct date range is selected in both CallRail and Universal Analytics.
  • Do pageviews for “/phone/…” appear in Universal Analytics?
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