New Lead Center Inbox

We've made some improvements to the Lead Center inbox that will change your workflow. These changes will be rolling out to all Lead Center customers in phases, and everyone will be using the new Lead Center inbox by March 31, 2022. Read on to discover the exciting improvements coming to your Lead Center.

Critical Changes

The Incoming section has been incorporated into the Active section. New incoming items will always appear at the top of the Active section.

Missed calls, abandoned calls, and voicemails now appear in the Active section so that you can easily follow-up.

The first time that you see the new inbox, you may see older interactions in the Active section. This is because these items previously were not in a"Reviewed" state, and we did not want to mark these items as Reviewed for you in case they still require follow up. You can remove these items from the Active section by using the Mark as Reviewed action.

At this time, these changes will only appear in the web application; they will not appear in the mobile app.


Grouping Items: Active and Reviewed

The new Lead Center inbox has two sections: Active and Reviewed. New interactions will appear at the top of the Active section, followed by the most recent active interactions. All new interactions, regardless of type, will appear in the Active section. You will notice that missed calls, abandoned calls, and voicemails will now appear in the Active section. This is because these new interactions may need follow-up.


Putting Control Back in the Agent’s Hands

One of the most frequently asked questions about the Lead Center inbox was how the timeout behaviors worked and why items moved between sections after a set amount of time. We're putting the control back in the agent's hands and letting you decide when to move an item to the Reviewed section of the inbox with a couple of exceptions.

If the item doesn't need a response, you can move it directly to Reviewed using either the kebab menu in the inbox or the Move to Reviewed link at the bottom of the middle panel.


You can move completed text conversations to Reviewed using the Move to Reviewed icon in the action bar at the top of the interaction or the kebab menu in the Inbox.


Chat conversations will move to Reviewed when you click on “End Chat,” and phone calls will move to Reviewed when you hang up. Since these are natural endpoints for conversations, the interactions are considered complete.

Which Items You Will See by Default

The new inbox will display differently depending on whether or not your user has Focused Inbox enabled. Focused Inbox is a permission that determines whether or not you can see other agents’ interactions. When Focused Inbox is enabled, only your items and incoming items that are available for you to respond to are visible. When Focused Inbox is disabled, you can see your items or all items.

For agents not using Focused Inbox, we’ve added a new quick toggle at the top of the inbox that allows you to switch between “My Items” and “All Items.” “All Items” is the default setting for admin users, and “My Items” is the default setting for all other agent types.image__4_.png

For agents who have Focused Inbox enabled, we’ve added a dismissible banner to the top of the inbox to explain why they only see their items.


Search and Filter

We’ve made styling improvements to Search and Filters. These filters are now displayed using icons at the top of the inbox.


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