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We will be sunsetting our Google Ads Mobile Click-to-Call integration in February 2023. Click here to learn how to transition from Mobile Click-to-Call to our Google Call Details Forwarding integration.

CallRail's Google Ads Mobile Click-to-Call integration allows you to track keywords associated with your customer's mobile searches and view calls from click-to-call ad extensions as conversions in Google Ads. We recommend using this article as a resource if you come across any hurdles during the integration setup, within the Ads account, or within the CallRail application.

Getting Started 

First, check that your integration shows as active for the company you attempted to connect with Google Ads Mobile Click-to-Call. If it shows as inactive, attempt to activate the integration again

Next, makes sure you've activated the CallRail integration for your Google Ads account.

No Conversions in Google Ads - What to Check In Google Ads

Is your tracking number in Google Ads listed as an ad extension with a device preference of Mobile?
Your ad may still display on desktop to some users, but this step maximizes the visibility of your tracking number to users in a form that we can report correctly.


Is auto-tagging enabled within the Google Ads Mobile CTC account?
Auto-tagging adds the visitor's gclid (Google Click ID) to the site's final URL, which is one of the things our application looks for when attributing a call to Google Ads. If our system can't recognize a call as Google Ads, we won't be unable to send it to Google Ads as a conversion.

Read this Google help article on enabling auto-tagging in Google Ads.

How long has the integration been active?
After the initial set up, it can sometimes take 24-48 hours for the first call conversion to appear in your Google Ads account. 

The conversion name and source must remain what our integration created.
Changing the name of the conversion name (Phone Call, Repeat Phone Call, or First-Time Phone Call) in Google Ads will prevent CallRail from sending conversion data. This will also occur if you change the conversion's source. However, you can edit the other conversion fields if you like. 

The tracking number in your call-only ad must be a call extension for that same campaign.
The tracking number you designate for MCTC usage must only be used in Google ads targeting mobile devices. These conditions are necessary for the matching process we use to line your calls up with their appropriate gclid.

No Conversions in Google Ads - What to Check In CallRail

Is the correct Google Ads account connected?
If you manage multiple Google Ads accounts, the wrong account may have been linked to CallRail. You will need to be logged in to the appropriate Google account before activating the integration. If this occurs, disable the integration for the incorrect Google account and log in to the correct one before following the integration steps.

Have you checked your Google Ads integration triggers?
Ensure there aren’t integration trigger settings preventing the desired conversions from being pushed into Google Ads.

For example, you can set up an integration trigger to only send Mobile CTC calls that are > 5 minutes long to Google Ads. However, if all calls so far are 2 minutes long, then none of the calls will report as conversions.

Learn about integration triggers.

Make sure you look specifically at tracking numbers eligible for conversions in your reporting.
These include website pool and MCTC tracking numbers set up correctly on campaign-level extensions. Do not only look for a source of Google Ads. 

Verify you've received calls to your Mobile Click-to-Call number since the integration was set up.
Conversions won't appear until calls are made to the tracking number.

A normal rate of capturing conversions with this integration is 80-85%.
This is due to how Google provides us the data we use for matching, and may account for a small number of discrepancies in your reporting.

Repeat callers may impact your conversions unless they are excluded.
We could possibly match a gclid for a repeat caller, but not as reliably as for a first-time caller due to the way they may have initiated those repeat calls. 

Keywords Aren't Showing in CallRail 

Have you  added the keyword parameter to your Google Ads URLs?
CallRail will only show keywords that you're actively bidding on in Google Ads.

Here's how to add the “keyword={keyword}" parameter to your ads.

Double-check that you’ve received Google PPC calls since the integration was set up.
Only Google PPC calls to visitor tracking numbers will report to Google Ads as conversions.

We can only track keywords you’re actively bidding on in Google Ads.
You'll only see keywords from call conversions if it's a keyword you're currently bidding on in Google Ads. Keywords you are not bidding on will not show in CallRail.

Keywords will not be passed for Organic traffic.
Read this article on why Google does not allow organic traffic to be tracked.


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