Lead Center Inform Features

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Lead Center

Lead Center Overview
Find out what Lead Center can do for you.
Getting Started with Lead Center
Learn the basics of Lead Center.
Lead Center Agent Basics
Everything you need to know as an agent.
Creating a New Lead Center Agent
Learn how to create agents.
Primary Agents
A Primary Agent is an agent who has been assigned to a specific Contact.
Managing Agents from the Users Page
Easily add agents to your account.
Creating a New Number for a Lead Center Agent
Create a tracking number for Lead Center.
Lead Center Agent Permissions
Set up your agent permissions.
Setting Your Agent Availability
Set your availability to show when you're available to speak with customers.
Setting up Agent Voicemail
Set up voicemails for individual agents.
Managing Contacts
Create, add, and edit Contacts.
Bulk Uploading Contacts
Add Contacts in bulk.
Placing and Answering Calls in Lead Center
Place outbound calls and answer inbound calls.
New Lead Center Inbox
Learn all about the updates to the inbox.
Cold Transfers
Transfer an active call directly to another agent.
Warm Transfers
Talk to another agent before transferring an active call to them.
Making a Transfer Outside of Lead Center
Transfer a call to someone outside of Lead Center.
Placing an Internal Call
Call other agents in your company.
Placing an Active Call on Hold
Easily place calls on hold in Lead Center.
Routing a Tracking Number to Lead Center
Set Lead Center as the destination for your calls.
Quick Texts in Lead Center
Templatize your text replies so you can send them with a single tap.
Sending Text Messages in Lead Center
Send outbound texts and respond to inbound texts.
Setting up Chat
Learn how to set up the chat widget.
Multimedia Text Messaging (MMS) in Lead Center
Send files, like images, via tex message.
Handling Chats in Lead Center
Track and respond to chat messaged sent via your website.
Set Your Chat Availability
Set business hours for your chat widget.
Classifying Interactions in Lead Center
Organize and analyze your leads.
Configuring Audio Devices in Lead Center
Choose and test the audio devices you’d like to use.

Creating Teams in Lead Center
Teams help organize your agents based on their roles, functions, and schedules.

Team View in Lead Center
See real-time details about the Agents you've added to Lead Center.
Team View Statistics
See real-time statistics about how your calls are being handled.
Removing Teams in Lead Center
Remove a team in Lead Center.
Multi-Company View in Lead Center
Select up to ten companies and manage everything in one streamlined inbox.
Monitoring Calls
Learn the different ways you can monitor calls.

Lead Center Mobile App

Lead Center Mobile App Overview
Learn all about the Lead Center mobile app.
Viewing Forms in the Lead Center Mobile App
View and respond to forms on the go.
Lead Center Mobile App Notifications
Set up notifications for calls and text messages.
Sending Text Messages in the Lead Center Mobile App
Text your leads, wherever you are.
Placing Calls in the Lead Center Mobile App
Call your leads right from the mobile app.
Transferring Calls in the Lead Center Mobile App
Transfer a call to another agent.

Call Flows

Call Flow Builder Templates
Create custom routing for your tracking numbers.
Creating a Lead Center Call Flow
Route a call flow to Lead Center.
Editing a Call Flow
Change any call flow, anytime.
Assigning Call Flows to Tracking Numbers
Add a call flow to your tracking numbers.
Voicemail Step
Record messages left by your callers.
Voicemail Transcription
Transcribe voicemails left by your callers.
Dial Step
Route callers to a phone number, agent, or SIP address.
Fallback Dial Step
Route callers to a different number if your primary phone goes unanswered.
Menu Step
Forward callers to specific departments, teams, or agents.
Greeting Step
Play a recorded message for your callers.
Round Robin
Route calls to multiple destinations in a queue.
Ring multiple destination numbers simultaneously.
Schedule Step
Decide where calls get routed based on your company's business hours.
Tag Step
Label and categorize your inbound calls automatically.
Queue Step
Place callers in a line to be answered by the next available agent. 
Custom Hold Music
Upload custom hold music directly from the Queue step in the Call Flow Builder.

Tracking Numbers

Create a New Number
Learn how to create tracking numbers in CallRail.
Changing a Number's Name
The "Number Name" is how your tracking number will appear in your reports.
Edit Call Routing Settings
You can change your call routing settings at any time.
Change the Destination Number
The destination number is where the phone will ring when customers dial your tracking number.
Edit a Caller ID
Edit the caller ID for anyone that's called or sent a text message to one of your tracking numbers.
Choose Incoming Caller ID
Change a caller ID.
Call Answer Status
See a breakdown of answer statuses and their definitions.
Disable a Phone Number
Disabling a tracking number will release it from your account.
How to Qualify Leads in CallRail
Learn about the different ways you can qualify leads.
Add Notes to a Phone Call
Use notes to keep important lead information at your fingertips.
Call Greetings
A greeting is an audio message that plays to the caller before their call is connected.
Whisper Message
Customize whisper messages with keyphrases so you can tailor your approach to every call.
Disable Call Recording
Learn how disable call recording for one tracking number or multiple tracking numbers.
Recording a Greeting
Record custom greetings for any of your tracking numbers right inside of CallRail.
Inbound Call Recording
Record phone calls received by your tracking numbers.
Outbound Call Recording
Record outbound phone calls that are placed through your tracking numbers.
Listening to Recordings
Know where you can listen to recorded phone calls.
Listening to Voicemails
Listen to voicemails from the Voicemail report, caller timeline, or the email notifications.
Adding Call Values
Learn about the different ways you can add value to a call.
Automation Rules
Classify your interactions automatically.
Transcripts and Call Highlights
Read conversations between your team and customers by transcribing your calls.


Calls by Day & Time Report
View peak call times and see how your calls trend.
Calls by Agent Report
See a breakdown of the Agents taking calls to your tracking numbers.
Calls by Tag Report
View detailed insights about the calls involving your tags.
Missed Calls Report
Get details on the number of missed calls on each day of the week.
Text Message Analytics
Monitor the volume of texts going in and out of your business.


Google My Business Integration
Track calls from your Google My Business listing.
Using CallRail with Google My Business
Understand how Google My Business listings work with CallRail.
Google My Business Multiple Location Setup
Learn how to set up the integration for multiple locations.
Salesforce Integration
Choose how and when your call tracking data reports and create customized rules. 
HubSpot Integration
Send calls, texts, and form submissions to your HubSpot contact activity timelines.
Calls and Texts Data in HubSpot
Manage your calls and texts data in HubSpot.
Form Submissions in HubSpot
Manage your form submissions data in HubSpot.


Lead Center Desktop Notifications
Get notified when you receive an incoming call, text, chat, or form submission.



Install the Javascript Snippet
Add call tracking to your site.
Granting Microphone Permissions in Your Web Browser
Ensure that Lead Center has permission to use your computer's microphone.
Prevent Voicemails and Systems from Answering a Call
Ensure personal voicemails or automated systems aren't interfering with your call flow.
Create a Company
Every CallRail account supports unlimited company accounts.
Activate or Disable Text Messages
Choose whether your tracking numbers can receive text messages.
Block Calls
Prevent phone numbers from calling or texting companies in your account.
Remove a Company
Disabling a company will delete any active tracking number within that company.
Automated Responses for Missed Calls
Send an automated text message to someone whose call you missed.

Troubleshooting Guides

Troubleshooting Call Quality in Lead Center
Your first stop in troubleshooting call quality.
Troubleshooting Hardware in Lead Center
Use this guide to troubleshoot hardware issues.
Troubleshooting Contacts
Troubleshoot common issues with contacts.
Troubleshooting Call Flows
Issue with a call flow? Use this article to help you troubleshoot.
Connection Alerts
Understand connection alerts and why they appear.
Troubleshooting Call Recording
Troubleshoot any issues you might have with call recording.
Troubleshoot issues with latency.
Troubleshoot issues with jitter.
Packet Loss
Troubleshoot issues with packet loss.
Troubleshoot issues with bandwidth.
Lead Center Mobile App Troubleshooting
Use this guide to troubleshoot the mobile app.
Troubleshooting Calls in Lead Center Mobile App
Check certain mobile settings that can cause issues with calls.
Troubleshooting Lead Center Mobile App Notifications on Samsung Devices
Troubleshoot Samsung specific issues.
Google My Business Troubleshooting
Learn about common issues and how to fix them.
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