Why are "Tags" not accessible in the API for Forms?

I am using the api to download calls and forms each night for the companies in my clients' accounts. What is baffling me a bit is in the json response for Forms the Tag(s) are not included whereas in the Calls json they are. 


It would seem to me that I should be able to get any Tags for every form submission and surprised that I can not. 



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    Hello Tom, and thank you for your question!

    There is a way to pull tag information through the API for form submissions. You can find this information to do so at this link here under the heading Additional User Requested Response Fields. The tag field for form submissions is not automatically pulled; you will need to request this additional field. 

    Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions!

  • Robin, thank you. My tags use Emoji and interestingly enough, this works just as you see below.[]=📅 Scheduled&tags[]=💲 Lead

    But if I have 4 tags (or more), I have to add each tag as a parameter? 

    And while this seems to filter out the forms with these tags, I want ALL tags, and in the response, I want to see what Tag(s) are associated with each form.



  • You're welcome!

    Since the tags field is not automatically pulled, you will have to request this additional field in your API request. This link here will take you to the section of the API docs where field selection is explained. 

    Essentially, you'll want to add " fields=tags " to your request like the following example shows:

    GET /v3/a/{account_id}/calls/444941612.json?fields=company_id,company_name

  • You are the best! Ya see why Call Rail pays you the big bucks and you have a vaca home in the Bahamas! Thanks Robin

  • Of course! Happy to help.


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