Switching from Mobile Click to Call to Google Call Details Forwarding

CallRail’s Mobile Click to Call (MCTC) integration was sunset in February of 2023. Our Google Call Details Forwarding (CDF) integration will help you track more types of calls sourced from Google Ads and faster and more accurately.

How is Call Details Forwarding better?

  • More timely: CallRail will show campaign data 15 seconds after the call connects.
  • More accurate: Your call data will come directly from Google, rather than being matched, resulting in near-100% accuracy.
  • A simpler setup: You’ll turn on a single account-level setting in Google Ads instead of individual call extensions at campaign level.
  • More comprehensive: Track more types of calls, like those served on desktop.

If you would like to set up our Google Call Details Forwarding integration, here’s how: Google Ads Call Details Forwarding Integration

Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!



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  • Within the linked helped article there is this:

    Edit any conversion settings under Manage conversion settings.

    Note: Google manages the conversions for Call Details Forwarding, not CallRail, so the conversions reported to Google Ads will respect whatever settings you have here.

    Can this be elaborated on a little more?

    For my CDF conversion settings I have this:

    I configured this a long time ago and I noticed there didn't use to be settings for a destination number and a display number.  They were blank when I opened up the conversion but I replaced the destination number with my previous MCTC number and the display number as the company's website number.  Is this correct, or should these fields be left blank?

  • Hey Hunter. 

    It looks like that is a part of the Google Ads website call tracking. We recommend disabling this feature in your Google Ads account as it's likely to interfere with our javascript on your site. 

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Ok I have disabled that conversion in Google Tag Manager.  My current setup has:

    A website pool with rotating pool of numbers.

    A call forwarding number (what was previously my mobile click to call extension number). This is the number I have used in all my call ads and call extensions.  All call extensions are done at campaign level associations. I have also followed the other steps to enable call sharing data at the account level that are mentioned in the article.  I have also disabled the mobile click to call integration in CallRail

    Right now the only phone call conversions that are active I have in the account are the one's generated by CallRail for First Time Phone Call and Repeat Phone Call.  Seems like the CDF conversions will flow through those. I will let it run for 30 days and check back in if something looks off.


  • Hey Hunter. All of that sounds like the correct setup. I will mention, the conversions should report to Google's conversion action Calls from Ads and will no longer report to our offline conversion actions First Time Phone Call and Repeat Phone Call. This doesn't mean you have to do anything additional on your end; I just want you to know what to expect.

    Let me know if you experience any issues!

  • Ok, sounds good, thanks for the heads up.

  • You're welcome!

  • Ok, I think I may have renamed that one in my account.  Do you mean it will report through the chosen conversion action setting here:

  • Yes, that's correct!


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