Why does unanswered call report as answered?

The data below is from the api showing a call from yesterday that shows answered. In listening to the recording, I only get a ring tone for all 1.22 minutes of the call, which was never answered. Why does the reporting show otherwise?  
  "calls": [
            "answered": true,
            "business_phone_number": "+1816",
            "customer_city": "Kansas City",
            "customer_country": "US",
            "customer_name": "WIRELESS CALLER",
            "customer_phone_number": "+1816",
            "customer_state": "MO",
            "direction": "inbound",
            "duration": 82,
            "id": "",
            "recording": "",
            "recording_duration": 76,
            "recording_player": "",
            "start_time": "2022-11-06T18:31:08.210-06:00",
            "tracking_phone_number": "+1816",
            "voicemail": false,
            "formatted_customer_name": "Wireless Caller",
            "source": "Google My Business",
            "first_call": false,
            "call_type": "answered",
            "tags": [],
            "formatted_duration": "1m 22s",
            "device_type": null,
            "company_name": "Kansas City",
            "campaign": null,
            "keywords": null,
            "gclid": null,
            "msclkid": null


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    Good morning, Tom! 

    I edited your post to take out some of the more specific account information like links to call recordings for your privacy.

    In regards to your question, it looks like you have that tracking number forwarding to a destination number. Does that destination number have any kind of automated answering system/IVR? If so, when the external system picks up the call, our system reads it as answered. 

    If that is not the case, let me know because you'll most likely want to submit a support ticket to have our team look into this further for you. 

  • Good question(s). They very well may, and in that I believe they don't have VM set up to answer calls. Thank you.

  • You're welcome!

  • Hi @... - I'm having a similar issue where I need to determine which calls were "missed" but my call forwarding settings are showing everything as 'answered'. Would you be able to expand upon how I can adjust settings such that I can get calls to start showing up as 'missed'?


  • Hey Collin Adler,

    I'm happy to expand on this!

    When calls are routed to external IVR systems, our system sees the call as answered because it was routed to a system that "answered" the call. Our system cannot tell if this was done by a human or an automated external system. The best way to ensure every call is accurately reported as answered or missed is to set up the IVR within our system using call flows. I see you already have two call flows set up, but they route to external numbers that I'm assuming are IVRs, or have their own voicemails, since a voicemail step is not currently set up in either call flow.

    Using call flows to handle all call routing and not routing to external IVRs will resolve this for you. Setting up voicemail steps within your call flows and checking the "Prevent voicemails and automated systems from answering a call" will result in accurate reporting of missed and answered calls.

    Let me know if you have any further questions about any of this, and welcome to the community!


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