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I was wondering if you had a solution (or if dev would be willing to add a field) for an automation we are looking to build. When a form is submitted, I would like to have an automation scheduled to add a tag based on the form submission URL.
Looking through the automation, it looks like the logic is already in place to do this, but the parameter we need is not a selectable option. Given this is for Form Submissions, we would like to select "Form URL" as a parameter, and then simply adding a word to specify what to look for in the URL. This would function exactly the same as if the "Active Page" option was selected
I understand dev requests are a lot, but this is something that would not only be extremely beneficial for us (as well as probably the majority of your clients), and being that you already have the data residing in your backend, with the front end constructed within the UI, I couldn't imagine this would be a massive change via the service layer to simply add the selectable option of "Form URL" in the front end, and map it to that field in the backend.


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    Hello Jared! 

    After doing some testing, you should be able to use the Active Page parameter to accomplish this. You'll just want to place your form URL in the Active Page field. I did test this on my end, and the interaction was tagged.

    Let me know if you have any further questions, and I'm happy to help. Also, welcome to the community!

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