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Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any work-around or tips to have the CallRail system recognize Spanish words to help with the automation rules and tagging? In the Call Greeting, I was able to misspell words to help the robot AI pronounce words in Spanish so thought maybe if I misspell the automation words, it might work :D



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    Hi Chris!

    Love to see the creativity around getting the Call Greeting to pronounce what you need it to in Spanish. Unfortunately, the AI transcription that is part of Conversation Intelligence and powers the Automation Rules feature can only transcribe in English at the current moment. Multi-language transcriptions are definitely on our radar, and is on our long-term roadmap. 

  • Thanks Adam, that would be awesome. I'm working with a company that does really well with the Hispanic market. I came across this Spanish transcription system that might be another good integration for CallRail:

  • Will take a look, and keep this thread updated as we continue to add functionalities to Conversation Intelligence! Really appreciate the feedback and the recommendations.


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