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Hey there, 

At some point this month my Google Ads integration lost connection and needed to be re-authorized.  Nothing out of the ordinary as this happens with integrations from time to time. The problem is I never got a notification so the integration was not connected for several weeks without my knowledge.  I went to do some conversion adjustments today and am missing a big chunk of conversion data for GCLIDs as a result.  Is there any way to enable notifications for when an integration loses connection?



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    Hey Hunter! 

    You can set up Integration Alerts by clicking the My Account square in upper left-hand corner and selecting notifications. In the left-hand menu, there is an option for Integration Alerts. This will allow you to set up email alerts for integration failures or pending statuses. 

    Let me know if you have any other questions. 

  • Aaa got it, I tried search on Google for a way to do this before posting but didn't find anything. Thanks! 

  • You're welcome!


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