Pulling the Most Recent GCLID via the API

It would be nice to have the ability to pull the most recent GCLID for a contact via the API, not the GCLID that is attributed to the initial lead creation/conversion. More like a last-click attribution model instead of a first-click model.



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    Hey Brian!

    The API should pull the most recent GCLID for a contact. This was a change made to the API a couple years ago that is further described at this link here

    Let me know if you have any questions, and welcome to the community! 

  • Hey Robin!

    Thanks for the quick response and warm welcome to the community. 

    Unfortunately for us, when we pull a GCLID for a contact, it is pulling the oldest one available, not the most recent one.

    Probably should have mentioned in my initial post that we have been in communication with Tier 3 support (Bobby) and he said that there is currently no good way to handle a "Last Touch" attribution model that would allow us to grab the most recent GCLID.

    He mentioned that this would fall under a feature request and recommended that I post it here in the community to try and get some movement on it in the future. 

  • Hey Brian Hawk !

    The API is built to pull the last gclid that was served to the customer prior to their call. I understand you're not so sure that is happening in your account, so Bobby will be following up with you all to determine if there is a reason for this with those calls or if this is a bug. Keep a look out for an update from the agent in that ticket, and thank you for your patience with this!


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