Do we still need to install UTM Variable Tracking templates into our Google Ads?

I used to do this all the time within Google Ads. But it seems that even if I don't install the UTM templates, CallRail is still sending us information about which keywords/campaigns are sending us calls. Can you shed some light on whether we still need to do this?



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    Hey Dean!

    The Google Click ID (gclid) that Google sends us when auto-tagging is enabled in your Google account and the integration is active, provides us campaign and keyword information while also counting the call as a conversion in your Google Ads account.

    However, also utilizing the ValueTrack parameters in Google Ads allows for more detailed information about which ad brought that customer to your site. If you're looking for more information than just campaign and keywords, you'll want to have these set up. If all you want is campaign and keyword information, there is no need to set up the additional parameters. 

  • What about calls directly from ad extensions?  We're having inconsistent results with getting keyword data on ad extension calls.

  • Hey Deidre,

    Check out my answer to this in your comment on this post. I'll be happy to answer any more questions you have on that post!


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