Where is Chat Open AI taking us?

This democratizes information in an exciting new way. We have all become futurists, whether we wanted to or not.



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    Thanks for the great discussion topic Aaron! I definitely agree that the advancement of ChatGPT is exciting. As a company, we continue to keep a pulse on advancements in AI that could have a positive impact on our customers experience with the product, especially as it pertains to business communications. 

    Would love to open this conversation up to other members of the CallRail Community. Anyone else have any thoughts around how these advancements in conversation AI may change how you do business?

  • We lose chats quite a bit due to not getting to them in time. It seems the chat person is not willing to wait very long. Even within a few minutes we can lose them. I thought it would be helpful to have a bot speak with them, asking a few questions to gather info for us and that would engage the client and give us  the time we need to get to the chat.

  • Hey Leanne

    Thanks for joining in on the conversation. This is definitely a great way this could be utilized. 

  • I would like to see at least a bot or an automated chat lead form collection. People have zero patience lol.

  • I could see this being helpful for many, Andrew Ress . Especially with how fast-paced things have become. 


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