Assign existing CallFlow when posting new tracking numbers and add to existing integration trigger

One feature we are really enjoying is being able to create tracking numbers via the API. It has allowed us to almost completely automate this portion of making our marketing campaigns and easily create many numbers. The only item left that is manual is applying our Call Flow to each number in the web interface, and adding the new numbers to an integration trigger.

Call flows: I see we can only create/update basic Call Flows for tracking numbers through the API, but it would be great if we could assign Advanced Call Flows that are already present and set up in our account, perhaps by some specific Call Flow ID. We don't necessarily want to create a whole JSON tree for the advanced Call Flow, we just want to assign an existing advanced Call flow from our account (the Call Flows in the workflow screen) in the tracking number creation post. Alternatively, if we were able to get the JSON tree of the advanced call flow from the API for existing call flows, then just copy it to our post request for new trackers, that would work too.

On the integration trigger side: this may be currently possible, but I can't figure it out from the "Updating an integration trigger" API docs. It would be great to be able to add an integration trigger id to the tracker creation post parameters to get the new tracker automatically added to an integration trigger, but we are also okay with a separate request specifically to the integration trigger endpoint. We would want to update an integration trigger by adding the newly created tracking ids to an existing integration trigger. Is this possible? We would just want to append the new trackers to the existing integration trigger, but maybe we have to first get a list of all current tracker ids in the trigger, append our new ones, then update the integration trigger with our list of all tracker ids (new and old) with a put request?

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  • Good morning Sam!

    I will submit your feature request about the advanced call flows in the API to our product team. If they are able to find a work around for this, I will let you know here. 

    As for the integration trigger assignment to a tracking number, you will need to get the ID of that integration trigger, then send a PUT request for that Integration trigger ID.
    In the request body, it should contain an array of tracker IDs that need to have the integration trigger applied. If a new tracker needs to be added, the new tracker ID should be pushed into the array for the PUT request and should look like this:
    {"tracker_ids": ["tracker_id_example_1", "tracker_id_example_2", "tracker_id_example_3"]
    Let me know if you have any further questions about this, and welcome to the community!

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