How will call summaries help your business?

Call Summaries is an exciting new feature that we have given a select group of Conversation Intelligence customers early access to. This features gives you quick insights into conversations between your team and customers by providing a summary for each transcribed call. Using Call Summaries, you can review call transcripts at a glance by reviewing the summary of the call. This summary consists of three to five sentences that summarize the contents of the call. But how does it work?

Call Summaries utilizes an AI model that uses Abstraction to create a summary of the input. This method is very accurate and reliable.

  • Abstraction - AI model interprets the input (call and transcript), and analyzes the content/context of the conversation to understand the important aspects. It then generates a human-friendly summary, and the content is displayed in CallRail.

Our Support article outlining the basics of Call Summaries and where to find them can be found here.

Of course, we are always be seeking out ways to improve our Conversation Intelligence product. Help us shape and improve these products by providing your valued feedback and use cases!

How will Call Summaries help your business? 



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  • This is very cool. Glad to be part of a community and work with a forward thinking company. AI is changing the word we live in.

    In a summary the first things that come to mind are
    - if the call ended with a sold product or not if so what are they?
    -If the call was positive or negative
    -What are the next actions.

    A big thing for me that actually prevents me from using the feature of conversation intelligence is that when the privacy feature is turned on to prevent credit card numbers from being transcribed or recorded this also made any other numbers not transcribed or recorded. When a customer says their address or the count of products it didn’t show or record. Can this be addressed or has this been solved?

  • Chris,

    First of all, thank you so much for the great use cases and for your excitement about AI and Call Summaries! Definitely agree that all the points you added around the types of value Call Summaries can provide. We are very excited to continue expanding Conversation Intelligence with features that help you save time and money. 

    Also, really appreciate the feedback on the redaction feature within Transcriptions. You can configure PII Redaction to primarily redact Secure Information like card numbers, CVV codes, and SSN. However, there are definitely times when the redaction model can redact other types of numbers, as you mentioned. We will be working to address this in a future enhancement as we continue to ensure customers like you continue to find value in Conversation Intelligence and it's features.

  • There's a glitch in Callrail when clicking on the activity page. The page freezes when the Call Summaries pop-up shows. So can't review how it works. Assume this is being fixed currently? My colleague also found this issue. Thanks!

  • Hey Garrick Gaffney,

    Are you still experiencing this issue today? There was a bug that was resolved by our engineers yesterday that might have caused this. 

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


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