Why am I seeing Unknown Source in the call log?

The source of a call shows as "Unknown Source" anytime there isn’t an associated click or visitor tracking session for the call. 

There are a few things that could cause this.

1. The website pool number the customer called is hard coded on the website, so it is not operating through its usual DNI (dynamic number insertion) swap. You can fix this by changing the number hard coded on the website to the proper swap target for that website pool and ensuring the javascript snippet is installed throughout your website. 

2. The user who called your website pool tracker obtained it from an offline source. You can resolve this by removing the website pool number from the offline source and only using the pool on your website by following the fix in step one.

3. There are not enough numbers in your website pool for the level of traffic to your website, so they are swapping too quickly and scrambling visitor session data. The website pools work by showing one of the numbers to one visitor at a time and then matching the session data from that visitor to the person that then calls that number. If you don't have enough numbers in the pool, this can lead to two visitors being shown the same number at the same time, and then the system has no way to tell which session data belongs to which caller. You can fix this by adding more numbers to your website pool.

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