When qualifying a call with thumbs up, the contact still shows as unqualified

Hello, we use CallRail's feature of scoring leads quite actively to know which mediums/sources are producing the most qualified leads. However, when we score an individual interaction, the overall lead score for that contact is not changing. 

For example, when reviewing recent calls, I see an inbound call from "John Doe". The qualified column is blank, so I naturally open the timeline to determine whether this was a good lead. I see that John has had multiple interactions with our company, and the very first inbound call has a green thumbs up and is marked "Qualified". Should this affect the overall lead's score at the top of the timeline page?

Even though we marked this initial inbound call as qualified, the score is not carrying over to the contact/lead and therefore is not reflected in the Lead Attribution report under the Qualified Leads column. So when I review the reports, it is looking like our Google Ads campaign has not produced any qualified leads, even though we are scoring the calls as they come in.

Is this a bug in the system or am I using this feature wrong?

Please advise.

Thank you in advance!



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  • Hey Parker Ruiz!

    It sounds like you are using the feature correctly. When you click to qualify an interaction, this should reflect in the Lead Score. If the Lead Score is already qualified (due to a previous qualified interaction with this lead), and you qualify another interaction, this will not change the Lead Score. However, if you've never qualified an interaction with this lead before, no Lead Score will show until you do so. Once you then qualify the interaction, the Lead Score should reflect this. 

    If you are qualifying an interaction for a lead's first interaction with your business, is the Lead Score not showing at all? 

  • Hi @..., when qualifying the lead's first interaction, the Lead Score shows up only for that one interaction and not for the lead summary on the timeline view or in the qualified column on the activity log.


    Please see the screenshots showing how one interaction (inbound call) was qualified, but the lead score does not appear in other places.


  • Hey Parker,

    In the first example, the call at 10:14am, the Lead was unqualified on a previous interaction, so the Lead Score is reflecting that. It does not show in the qualified column on the call log because that specific interaction was not scored. If a lead's previous interaction was scored, the Lead Score will update to reflect this. But the qualified column will only reflect the qualification status of that specific interaction.

    The second example does look odd as the Lead Score should reflect any qualification status from that lead's interaction, including that first interaction where it was marked Qualified. Do you mind attempting to un-score that first interaction and then re-qualify it to see if that updates the Lead Score? 

  • Hi Robin,

    I was able to un-score and re-score the interaction and now it is showing on the activity log next to the call (not under the qualified column).

    What can be done so that I don’t have to un-score and re-score all the interactions that are having this issue?

  • Hey Parker,

    After doing some further digging into the audits, it looks like the reason this happened is because the outbound call this morning at 10:05am was scored as Not Qualified by one of the users on the account and then un-scored after doing so. When this change was made, it updated the Lead Score to reflect the most recent interaction's qualified status. When the interaction at 10:05am was cleared of its score, the Lead Score was also cleared.

    That's why re-scoring the initial reaction as Qualified then changed the Lead Score. ANY scoring change whether that’s qualified, unqualified, and even un-scoring will change the lead’s score.

    This community post goes into more detail about how this all works if you would like more detail.

    Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions!


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