Call rail integration with zoho crm

Hello, I am a business owner of a medical clinic. I have been researching digital marketing apps for years. I use zoho crm, the second most important crm in the world, with and twilio. It is also integrated with FB, IG, emails, google analytics, FB ads, google my business.
I can't use call rail lead center because it would be non efficient and I would be missing some data: 
Emails, FB, IG, Forms, Calls, texts, are all going to the crm and this is connected with the BILLING!!! So I know how much we made. It also connects with our medical records.
I can't use call center because I can t attribute amounts spent for each client in call rail lead center and describe the exact product they bought because we see hundreds of people per week.... It has to be one integrated system...
Our CRM is also connected to online bookings, bookings, calendars, online payments, etc...
documents to sign and to review automatically sent before an appointment, etc.... etc..
There is a lot of data that I can use for reports.
But, I am doubting that I can get the same analytic that I could get with call rail. I know call rail as dynamic rotating numbers that they do not have, but I am under the impression that you guys have other metrics that they do not. Of note, the missing pieces to most digital marketing tracking apps and crm is that the billing is not connected, so you can't get a real 100% picture of your adds and keywords. My crm has billing integrated, I just need your advanced tools. I am currently looking at various solutions, but would love to continue business with you and I am against using zapier : I tried and there are too many zaps costing money and the fields are very difficult to figure out.
There are 2 recommendations that I have for your business if you want to take over the market!
First, create an api that connects with zoho crm in order to send ALL your digital marketing tracking data.
Second, and that is if you want to take over the world: create a dialer (that would fit with CRMS, especially zoho and salesforce and make sure we can do both inboud and outbound calls! I am really serious about that, I have been on this for 5 years (as a non expert).
Thank you


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  • Hey Mathieu,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide all of these details and some feedback for our team!

    I am interested in getting a little more information from you to clarify before passing this over to our product team. Currently, our API docs can be used to build custom integrations. Is there marketing data you'd like to see send from CallRail to your CRM that is currently not available through the API?

    When you mention the dialer, based on your earlier comments, I'm assuming you mean one different than the one offered with Lead Center. Are you looking for a dialer that is within your CRM but uses our tracking numbers? 

    Looking forward to hearing more from you, and welcome to the community!


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