TikTok and CallRail -- Does the callrail swap.js script work in TikTok's in-app browser?

Like the title suggests, I'm trying to determine if the callrail swap.js script works in TikTok's in-app browser.

We recently ran a TikTok campaign that generated zero calls.  Our number was configured to swap based on landing page parameters, and this has always worked for our other media campaigns, so the "zero" result surprised me.  However, I began to question if an ad click through to our website opened in their in-app browser, and if so wondered if something about their in-app browser interfered with callrail (preventing the number swap from happening).  Has anyone here had success (or failure) with Callrail and TikTok?




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  • Hey Roy! 

    This use case is interesting, and I'm very curious to hear if other CallRail users are also attempting the same thing with TikTok.

    The in-app browser could be causing issues with the JavaScript on websites.This is because the in-app browser may not support all the latest web technologies and features that are supported by mainstream desktop and mobile browsers. Additionally, the in-app browser may also have some limitations in terms of caching, cookie handling, and other web-related functionalities, which could also impact the functionality of JavaScript on a website.
    We suggest attempting to test this on your end to see if it functions correctly.
    Thanks for sharing this in the community, and I'd love to hear if other members have attempted this and what their experience has been. 

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