Too many missed calls - no way to answer - no resolutions

1. No Answer button or phone rings and the call is nowhere to be found.

2. We have too many missed calls when agents are online and available. We checked our internet connections and they are all within your recommendations. We have logged in and out, enabled all pop ups and everything you have suggested for performance but it still occurs. A lot. Sometime calls come in and the phone won't even ring.

This screenshot there is no way to even answer the call. Only to decline it.

This call the agent shows busy BEFORE she even picks up the call. Why/How is that? Not offline - but BUSY

I just saw a pop up for an incoming call in the upper right of my screen. Phones did not ring. Both agents were available - showed up as a missed call-no way to answer



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    Hey Rochelle,

    After taking a look at your account and the examples you provided above, I'm not seeing anything immediately popping out as the solution. I would recommend opening a ticket with our support team, so they can dig deeper into your account and investigate this further for you. 

  • Also -Everything may disappear or the keyboard goes away and no way to disconnect the call

  • I will. I have previously as well. Customer service is as helpful as they can be. I just think this problem is more than they can assist with. But thank you. I'll try again.

  • You're welcome! Yes, I highly suggest reaching out to them with these examples, and if our tier 1 support cannot immediately provide an answer, they'll get it escalated to someone who can. 

  • Does anyone else have these issues?

  • Yup, I sure do.  I thought it was my VOIP system so I had a tech go thru that and update several things that hoped were the problem but that wasn't the problem.  It's a Call Rail issue.

  • Hey Michael,

    I replied to your comment on the other post regarding your call routing issues, but I wanted to let you know here as well. Our support team will take a look at your ticket with them to investigate further for you.


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