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We have a chat supplier who hasn't done anything with web analytics. Can we maybe achieve something with callrail if we had a developer?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, sometimes you get lucky!




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    Hey Matt,

    No dumb questions here! 

    While you can achieve a lot with a developer, we don't think you'll be able to get chat attribution data in CallRail while using an external chat provider. Our chat widget can capture attribution data because it's served up by our javascript code. Without the code, and with most external chat providers serving up their widget in an iFrame, getting that data from CallRail is going to be very difficult.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!


  • That's a great insight Robin; thank you.  

    There are CRM's, Forms and Chat all iframed, and getting no tracking whatsoever.

    The reason we were looking at 'an alternative' is that clients really enjoy being able to connect with their website visitors with WhatsApp - it has so many positives. Like a persistent chat, with outbound marketing built in, and mobile numbers. SMS.

    I am resisting because we can't track back to landing pages and campaigns.

    But, we will have to give in an pick a solution soon. Omnichannel, supporting multiple chat clients and then plugging in workflow automation, email, SMS, and some of them are even building in Twitter, for example - will be a big thing. We will have to go there, somehow. Workflow, you can guide and route visitors to the right department, and send docs, and all sorts - especially with Google AI language recognition in the background. I should imagine clients will want Teams and the new Google Business Messaging as well.

    Feels like you guys should take us there - the new communications frontier.

  • Hi Matt Lambert! I'm a Principal PM here at CallRail and our Community team shared your post with me. Firstly, thank you so much for sharing your feedback & ideas with us. I can share that some of this is already on our radar. However, I would love to have a chat with you to gain a better understanding of your needs and use cases. 

    Robin from our Community team can help us get connected via email to work on scheduling a conversation if that is something you're interested in. Thanks again!


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